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Overreaction theatre: ‘David Moyes made me cry’

Early Doors

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Twitter had the Manchester United manager in its sights once again after more calamity befell Manchester United. Meanwhile, Arsenal fans debate just how good their team is and Gus Poyet is days from the sack.

To be fair, that's a feeling common to Manchester United fans, many of whom are experiencing that the sucking vortex of despair as some buffoon mismanages your club into oblivion for the first time. Moyes's crime this week? Bringing on Chris Smalling for Wayne Rooney in the 87th minute when 1-0 up against Southampton.

Maybe he expected Manchester United to keep hold of a lead for five minutes at Old Trafford?

And, for the record, Sir Alex Ferguson gave Giggs, Welbeck and Smalling a combined 36 substitute appearances last season.


Tottenham's Roberto Soldado has made an uncertain start to the season, leading to plenty of this sort of thing:

A few minutes and a tidy finish later, anything wrong with him is actually the fault of his team-mate who have yet to tune into his unique brand of genius.


Speaking of genius, Jack Wilshere scored a truly brilliant goal for Arsenal against Norwich on Saturday.

Not enough hyperbole!

That's more like it. But according to some, it wasn't even the goal of the half.


Now, we are quite aware that #(MANAGER)OUT has become a well-worn internet meme, but even we were surprised how quickly Sunderland's Gus Poyet started trending. All it took was a teamsheet featuring casino-based money-writher Phil Bardsley.

Y'know, and a 4-0 defeat to Swansea.

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