Early Doors

Think Giggs is good at 40? Check out how good he was aged 14

Early Doors

After turning 40 Ryan Giggs has been paid all sorts of tributes, from former players, team-mates and anyone even remotely connected with sport.

But the most eye-catching, in Early Doors' view, has come from Dennis Schofield, the milkman and part-time scout who discovered him at the age of eight.

Schofield told the BBC that Giggs "ran like a gazelle and was dynamite on the ball" even at that early age, and that opponents were eager to play against him since they knew they'd one day have bragging rights about having lined up against a player destined to be a star.

And this video, showing a 14-year-old Giggs, gives a small taste of what it must have been like to see him as a prodigiously-talented child.

It shows action from the 1988 Granada Schools Cup Final, in which Giggs played for Salford against Blackburn Rovers at Liverpool.

Giggs provided the assists for all three goals in Salford's 3-2 win in his own inimitable style: the clip is not unlike watching Giggs's famous FA Cup semi-final goal against Arsenal 11 years later.

Well worth a watch - but make sure you get all the way to the end of the clip. Being interviewed after his man of the match, Giggs - who then used his father's surname, Wilson - revealed that he'd turned down a chance to play at Old Trafford for the Manchester United U15 side on the same day.

"I'd rather play at Anfield," Giggs explained. "Better pitch, really... It's a big pitch, and I like big pitches."

That's a bit of a strange one: our info says that Anfield, at 110m by 74m, is actually slightly smaller than Old Trafford (115m x 74.5m).

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