Jan Molby

  • Martinez is a safe choice to manage Everton

    Roberto Martinez taking over at Everton is no surprise. It has been heavily rumoured ever since David Moyes was confirmed to be Manchester United-bound, and has been pretty much common knowledge ever since Martinez told Wigan he wanted to leave.

    The appointment could turn out either way. I mean, he did ever so well at Swansea and, to a different extent, at Wigan. However I am not completely convinced of his credentials as a Premier League manager.

    He has only just kept Wigan up year after year, until this season when they were relegated. Was he the best option for Everton? I think Bill

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  • United best set of big three despite Mourinho appointment

    The top three teams in the country will have new managers next season - and the bookmakers cannot separate Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs after Jose Mourinho's return to the Blues was confirmed.

    As this point in time, though, I still think that Manchester United are the side to beat next season. They have proven quality and while they have a new manager in David Moyes, he is not going to stray too far from what Sir Alex Ferguson did. He will have money available which I feel he will spend so they look to be slightly ahead of the other two.

    If United go out and get two really good

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  • Luis Suarez cannot blame the press for his troubles

    Luis Suarez rounded on the British press in an interview last night, but I don’t think he can blame them for the way they report his career.

    His name gets dragged up every time there’s talk about something like simulation, of course, but that’s because he has a record. He can’t hide away from that, because he’s created that monster himself.

    When the press talk about him it’s all football-related, and it’s all there in full view of everybody.

    I thought the comments were a little bit strange, because I’m not convinced he’s a newspaper reader, or for that matter too worried about what other

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  • Barcelona are taking an incredible gamble with Neymar

    Neymar is a marquee signing for Barcelona, but I have serious doubts about whether he is what the Spanish side really need.

    He reminds me of Robinho. Same height, same type, same physical attributes (or lack of) – and I have exactly the same reservations about him.

    I first saw Robinho in the 2005 Confederations Cup when he was being hyped, and I thought then: ‘This boy is going to have big problems’. And I see no difference between him and Neymar.

    Moving to Europe is a big thing for a South American player, so in one sense the move to Barcelona makes great sense – he will acclimatise better

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  • Relentless Bayern on course for domination

    Bayern Munich can make it third time lucky when they face Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final.

    They have lost two of the last three finals, but this time they look perfectly poised to go all the way.

    Losing to Chelsea last year left some psychological wounds, but those have been healed by their remarkable performances this season.

    They won the Bundesliga by 25 points and absolutely destroyed Barcelona in the semi-finals - self-belief won't be a problem.

    Last year against Chelsea was a bit of a fluke. They seemed a bit troubled by the fact they were playing at home and big

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  • Mourinho’s return to Chelsea is a huge gamble

    Originally published May 20th.

    Is it good to go back over old ground? In the case of Jose Mourinho returning to Chelsea, I'm not so sure.

    Of course, the club's best period under Roman Abramovich was when Mourinho was there. From that perspective, Mourinho's appointment makes sense.

    When you are Chelsea and you possess their wealth, you pick from the top shelf. Most managers will be available to them.

    There was a minor fall-out between owner and manager, but you can't deny Mourinho's performance as the club's coach.

    It is popular with the fans, and I think it is an easy call to go back to

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  • Arsene Wenger, Rafa Benitez and Andre Villas-Boas take centre stage on the Premier League's final day, but Alan Pardew and Newcastle may be the wild card to who finishes where

    The final day of the Premier League season is upon us, and with champions crowned, three teams already condemned to relegation and much buzz around the end of the Sir Alex Ferguson era, the biggest fate to be decided is that of Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham in their fight for two Champions League places.

    It’s Spurs who are currently on the outside looking in, and with three points and a goal difference of 16 separating them in fifth and the new Europa League winners in third, the core question becomes: Can Tottenham get a better result than local rivals Arsenal  and seal a spot in the top

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  • Cup final showed up Mancini failings

    Before you look at what went wrong for Manchester City in the FA Cup final you first must give credit to Wigan.

    You can't take anything away from them; they got off to a good start and played exceptionally well throughout. They were clearly up for the occasion and ready for battle and actually dominated the game – it was very impressive from them.

    That contrasts sharply to City though and the occasion just showed up one of the big failings of Roberto Mancini as a manager since he arrived at Manchester City.

    He just does not seem to be able to get the best out of the squad at his disposable.

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  • Sir Alex will make sure Moyes is a success at United

    David Moyes and Sir Alex Ferguson shake hands (PA Sport)

    I’m not surprised about the appointment of David Moyes from Everton to Manchester United, nor are any of you.

    There are plenty of people who are not confident this is a good move, but I am not one of them. Moyes is a very good manager, but of course it is always going to be a massive gamble trying to replace a boss who has been at a club for over 26 years.

    Ferguson’s DNA will remain all over the club, from top to bottom, long after he has retired and Moyes will have to try and ease into that and leave his own mark on United.

    It’s important to remember how big an input Sir Alex has had in

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  • Rafa’s future is in England, just not at Chelsea

    Rafael Benitez has been in a difficult situation from day one at Chelsea but if you look at the job he has done as a whole I think you have to say that it has been impressive.

    People will point to the fact that he lost the World Club Cup final and what looked to be on paper a relatively comfortable League Cup semi-final against Swansea. There was also the FA Cup exit, but I think he is a manager who needs time to stamp his style on things –not loads of time, but three or four months to implement his ideas. We are beginning to see his influence come through now.

    One of his key strengths is his

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