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Mourinho’s return to Chelsea is a huge gamble

Jan Molby

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Originally published May 20th.

Is it good to go back over old ground? In the case of Jose Mourinho returning to Chelsea, I'm not so sure.

Of course, the club's best period under Roman Abramovich was when Mourinho was there. From that perspective, Mourinho's appointment makes sense.

When you are Chelsea and you possess their wealth, you pick from the top shelf. Most managers will be available to them.

There was a minor fall-out between owner and manager, but you can't deny Mourinho's performance as the club's coach.

It is popular with the fans, and I think it is an easy call to go back to that. But you ask whether or not it will work the second time around?

Is Mourinho the same guy when he came in? Is he still desperate to prove himself?

When he came to Chelsea first time around, he was hungry after his success at Porto in winning the Portuguese titles, the UEFA Cup and the Champions League.

Do you think Mourinho still believes all that he says about himself these days? I'm not so sure he has the same hunger.

I think he has changed. That is what happens as a natural process. I don't think he will be the same guy that walked in at Chelsea back in 2004.

I know that managing Real Madrid is probably the worst job in football. You always look at Mourinho in the past and saw a figure full of belief and always in control, but he has had a lot of problems at Real Madrid. On and off the field.

You compare the English FA Cup final to the Spanish Cup final. It was a similar outcome with the underdog coming out on top as Wigan and Atletico Madrid both won their respective matches.

But the reaction to losing was different. Manchester City's players behaved differently on the pitch. They behaved well in defeat. Real didn't.

There was ugly scenes at the end of the match with Real losing and Mourinho getting sent off during the match.

There is an element of risk attached to Mourinho's return. Let's face it, he is going to be the number one attraction in the Premier League.

That sort of billing is normally reserved for a player, but Mourinho will be the main act. There will be no Fergie and there is not a lot of bite left in Wenger so he will have it all his own way.

The risk with Mourinho is that is becomes a sideshow. And to an extent, Real Madrid became that with Mourinho in charge.

Manchester United are hoping for David Moyes to be there for eight to ten years. Chelsea don't look at life that way.

I think they will be happy to have Mourinho for another three years if they can win two Premier League titles and a Champions League.

I think that would do them. Chelsea look differently to life than United. It is the popular move, but I think it is a massive gamble.

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