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Rest will do Terry good, but Torres needs fresh start away from Chelsea

Jan Molby
Jan Molby

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There can be very little doubt that Chelsea have been toying with the idea of maybe relying less on such a powerful dressing room with strong characters like John Terry to the fore. Obviously, Didier Drogba has gone and Frank Lampard is going. So there is a bit of change going on at the club.

It can be difficult for new players coming into such a situation. I think Chelsea are wanting to get to a point where they are relying less on these guys. It will depend on who the new manager is coming in to take over from Rafael Benitez, but I actually think that the squad rotation policy will help John Terry's career. Whether or not, he cares to admit it.

I think the fewer games he plays, the fresher he is going to be. I still think at this stage of his career, he doesn't appear to be one of those players who is going to be able to turn out for 60 games-a-year. Or even more.

I know that Rafa isn't going to be the manager next year, but if you want a coach to look after you properly, Rafa is right up there. He is as good as you are going to get from that perspective.

When he was at Liverpool, he always produced teams late in the season that were really fresh.

John Terry will benefit from that, but of course he is a figure who will want to play in every game. A player as powerful as he is will take it as a personal insult not to be starting every match.

He wants to play every game and is obviously not too happy when he is left out, but maybe when he looks back in years to come, he will think it is was the right decision. Perhaps Terry will want to go elsewhere if he doesn't feel he is playing enough or not having enough input, but it will be difficult because he is very much a Chelsea man.

Some players look at the situation and think 'a rest might just help me here'. Chelsea's programme has been brutal over the past three months. John Terry falls into the category of a player who needs to be looked after. It was different when Jose Mourinho was there because he played every game.

But he was also a younger boy then. He has had one or two injuries, and the only way he can prolong his career is by playing fewer games. Being away from England will help him achieve that.

If you were fit years ago, you played every game. But football has moved on. Clubs these days know what players are ready to play, and what players aren't with the technology available to them.

I can't make my mind up yet about David Luiz as the man to replace Terry. I think he is improving and grasping the importance of dangerous situations in games. I don't really see his future as top level midfielder in the centre of the park.

He has great ability, but you want to judge your centre halves on their skills in defending properly. If he continues to improve, he could be a proper Chelsea legend in central defence because he has all the tools.

I also think Chelsea have to get more from their match-winning players. They need to get more from Oscar and Eden Hazard next season. They have done well this year, but Chelsea need more from them to challenge for the Premier League.

Demba Ba was a great signing, but I'm not convinced he can lead the line of a team with aspirations of winning the Premier League and the Champions League.

Then there is the ongoing situation with Fernando Torres. He has just sunk into a hole that he can't get out of. He has scored a few goals in the Europa League and the FA Cup, but I don't think he has hit a goal in the Premier League this year.

I don't think Chelsea would be too fussy about moving Torres on even if it was a loan deal. If they can find somebody that would take him, they would be content enough.

At a club like Chelsea, you can't really look after players. You have to be ready for every game if you are playing three times a week. There is no hiding place.

You don't get time to look after players. I think Chelsea will do the deal if they can find a club to look after him.

It must be going through the mind of Fernando Torres: 'what has happened to me?' He needs to find some form and rediscover the joy of playing football. All Fernando Torres used to do was score goals when he was at Liverpool.

He was a top goalscorer three years ago, but isn't any more. And Demba Ba just falls short. It is obvious Chelsea will be looking for a proven striker who can propel them to the next level.

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