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Venue guide: Broadcasting and press centre

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Where is it?: Olympic Park, Stratford, East London.

Find it on the map: Here

How do you get there?: The International Broadcasting Centre and Main Press Centre are situated in the north-west corner of the Olympic Park. The park can be accessed by all forms of transport, but the recommended routes are rail, underground, Docklands Light Railway, bus or coach. National Rail, London Underground and DLR all serve Stratford station to the east of the park and West Ham station to the south, while Transport for London has bus stops in the area and there will be coach services to the park.

Capacity: About 20,000.

Facilities: A multi-storey car park, a 12,000-square metre catering village in the IBC and a 200-metre long street separating the two centres featuring shops, banks, newsagents, travel agents and a post office.

History: The complex was completed a year ahead of schedule last July. It is the first time the written press and broadcasters have been placed in the same area at an Olympics, with organisers wanting to make the best use of space in the Olympic Park. Only 10 weeks were needed to construct the 4,500-tonne IBC steel building — which is 275m long, 104m wide and 21m high, and has 52,000sqm of studios on two double-storey floors. The MPC, meanwhile, has 29,000sqm of offices spread over four storeys. After the Games the centres will be turned into more than 80,000sqm of flexible and high-tech office space for local businesses.

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