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Venue guide: Riverbank Arena

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Where is it?: Olympic Park, Stratford, East London.

How do you get there?: Located next to the River Lea — hence its name — in the Olympic Park. The park can be reached by rail, underground, Docklands Light Railway, bus or coach. National Rail, London Underground and DLR all serve Stratford station to the east of the park and West Ham station to the south, while Transport for London has bus stops in the area and there will be coach services to the park.

Capacity: 16,300.

What events will be held there and when?: Hockey (July 29-August 11).

Public facilities: There will be food and drink outlets in the Olympic Park.

History: Initially entitled the Hockey Centre, it was renamed the Riverbank Arena in January 2012. A temporary venue, it comprises two separate pitches, one of which has seating for 16,000 spectators and the other — a warm-up area — for 300. The main pitch was unveiled last October, but the arena was not expected to be completed until March, two months before the test event. The playing surfaces are blue and the surrounds are pink — the first time the Olympic hockey tournament has not been played on a green pitch. After the Games the arena will be relocated to the north of Olympic Park, where it will form part of a number of facilities in the Eton Manor area. The seating capacity will be reduced to 3,000, but there will be room for it to expand to 15,000 for big matches.

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