• Rashad Evans will face Phil Davis at UFC on Fox 2 (Zuffa)Though former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans is focused on his fight with Phil Davis at UFC on Fox 2, there is another man who still gets on Evans' nerves: the current UFC light heavyweight champion. In fact, the mere mention of Jones' name caused the once friendly relationship between Evans and Davis to grow frosty.

    "We've actually always been friendly to each other," Evans told Cagewriter. "I've always been a Phil fan. But when you're talking trash about Jon Jones, it kind of bothers me a little bit. I can't lie."

    Though Evans and Jones were once friends and training partners, their relationship fell apart after Jones remarked to media that he would fight Evans. Since then, Evans has been irked by Jones.

    "All the stuff that Jon has done, he deserves credit for and I respect that. He's been an amazing athlete in the sport, and he's accomplished so much. I have nothing but respect for him in that, but when he opens his mouth against me, it bothers me."

    During the UFC on Fox 2 press conference, Davis mentioned what Jones said about Evans' lack of chin. Evans responded to Davis, a Penn State alumnus, by referring to the Penn State sex abuse scandal.

    "Sometimes you say things and you didn't think about it when you say it. I can't tell somebody how they should feel about something. It was a lesson that I learned about being a little bit more conscious and watching what I say because you never know how it's going to affect people in different ways."

    Both Evans and Davis were collegiate wrestlers, but Davis made a comment that he is the only one who truly has wrestling skills. According to Evans, there is a big difference between collegiate wrestling and MMA wrestling.

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  • The sharks are circling in the welterweight division. The target for potential feasting is this November. That's when UFC welterweight champ George St-Pierre is anticipating his return to active fighting.

    GSP tore his right ACL in December and underwent surgery shortly after. Several fighters have tried to return from a similar injury too quickly and paid the price.

    On this HDNet Inside MMA video, Phil Davis tells St-Pierre to take his time. GSP agreed saying that he suffered the injury by rushing back from a less severe ailment to his left knee.

    "Hard training will be in July and fighting

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  • Remember that Jose Aldo victory celebration we wrote about? The UFC released video of one of the cooler non-fight moments to ever happen in the UFC.  It will make you smile on this post-holiday weekend Tuesday.

    The best part is that despite the crowd jumping running and jumping to get a piece of Aldo, the celebration was peaceful. The Brazilians wanted to embrace their champion, but didn't kick each other in the face to do it.

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  • Mario Yamasaki explains his decision (Zuffa)Erick Silva rode a roller coaster of emotions at UFC 142. After taking out Carlo Prater in 29 seconds, Silva celebrated with the loud, Brazilian crowd. He was brought down to reality when he was informed by referee Mario Yamasaki that the blows Silva used to knock out Prater were deemed illegal. Though a replay showed that the blows hit the sides of Prater's head, not the restricted area on the the back of the head, Silva had been disqualified.

    The UFC confirmed that Silva did receive his win bonus and it's unlikely that this loss will stunt his career's trajectory, but it didn't need to be a loss. Yamasaki admitted when talking to UFC commentator Joe Rogan that he had to make the decision in the moment.

    "I have to decide right there and then. There's nothing I can do," Yamasaki said.

    In that moment, there was nothing Yamasaki could do. Instant replay does not have a place in MMA. Though he watched the replay on a giant screen just moments after the fight ended, the bout was decided.

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  • Edson Barboza asks Terry Etim to smell his feet. (Zuffa)Brazil provided another picturesque setting for a UFC card dominated by Brazilian favorites. Even our Three Stars is filled with fighters from a country so important to MMA. Who are your Three Stars from UFC 142? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.

    No. 1 star -- Jose Aldo: With a swift, well-deployed knee, Aldo showed again that he is the cream of the the featherweight crop. He then brought the celebration to the jubilant crowd in Rio de Janeiro, creating a memorable moment for every fan at UFC 142 and a headache for UFC security. Can you blame him for the euphoria? Starting with the WEC featherweight championship, Aldo has held his belt for 26 months and five title defenses. A man that dominant in his division is allowed to celebrate with his fans.

    No. 2 star -- Edson Barboza: From his three previous fights in the UFC, we knew that Barboza was capable of debilitating kicks. No one -- particularly Terry Etim -- expected him to throw a spinning wheel kick, executed so perfectly that Etim was out well before he hit the canvas. He won both Knockout of the Night and Fight of the Night bonuses for that performance, and something tells me that he's an early favorite for Knockout of the Year awards.

    No. 3 star -- Rousimar Palhares: Any fighter preparing for Palhares knows that he is a heel hook master, with the majority of his submission wins coming that one hold. Mike Massenzio knew the heel hook was looming, but couldn't stay out of Palhares' grip. For submitting Massenzio in just over a minute, Palhares won Submission of the Night.

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  • UFC feather weight champion Jose Aldo adopted Rio de Janeiro as a home when he started fighting. After he beat Chad Mendes to defend the belt, they adopted him right back.

    Immediately after the fight was stopped, Aldo ran out of the cage and into the crowd. The raucous crowd swarmed around him, all hoping to touch their triumphant fighter. The featherweight was lost among the bodies until he emerged on a cornerman's shoulders and finally made it back to the cage.

    Where's Jose? (Zuffa)

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  • Aldo jubilant in victory (Getty)

    So much for the lack of finishes from Jose Aldo. The UFC's featherweight champ ended the "Rocky IV" dreams of Chad Mendes with a big knee and two brutal punches.

    At the end of the first round, the champ beat the clock by landing a vicious knee. Mendes went limp and fell to his back where he ate two more punches squarely to the face. Referee Mario Yamasaki stopped things at the 4:59 mark of the first round in the main event of UFC 142 in Rio de Janeiro.

    Aldo can be a lunatic sometimes when it comes to the post-fight celebration. Tonight, he set a new standard.

    At the end of the fight, the second the Octagon door opened, he flew through it running into the crowd. In what was a near riot-like scene as the fans went crazy on Aldo. He was eventually carried on their shoulders and got back into the cage after a few minutes.

    Aldo (21-1, 3-0 UFC) runs his win streak to 14 straight. He hasn't lost a fight since 2005.

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  • Vitor Belfort celebrates with his wife after beating Anthony Johnson. (Zuffa)

    Fighting in front of his hometown crowd, Vitor Belfort submitted Anthony Johnson in the first round at UFC 142 in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday.

    Johnson wanted to use his wrestling skills caught a kick for a takedown early in the first round. Belfort looked for submissions from his back, but couldn't find any, and they were stood up by referee Dan Miragliotta. Belfort landed a knee and stuffed Johnson's takedowns, while Johnson was still able to land several big strikes.

    As the crowd chanted, "Ole Ole Ole! Vitor, Vitor!" Belfort took Johnson's back and cinched it with a body triangle. Belfort

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  • Palhares cranks the heel hook (Getty)

    Don't let Rousimar Palhares get near you in the Octagon. If he does, you're probably going to walk away from the fight with a limp

    Palhares flashed brilliance in taking down Mike Massenzio, quickly getting a hold of his leg and finishing things with a heel hook just 63 second into pay-per-view fight No. 3 of the night at UFC 142.

    Massenzio, a veteran of 19 pro MMA fights was blown away.

    "That's a world-class athlete who was the better fighter tonight. I had the best camp of my career. I just got stuck. It wasn't my night. I'm really disappointed," said Massenzio.

    Palhares (14-3, 7-2

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  • Erick Silva tries to understand what went wrong. (Zuffa)

    Erick Silva got his first UFC win in just 40 seconds. It looked like he had another quick win, but controversy erupted as soon as the 29-second bout was over.

    From the opening touch of the gloves, Silva threw a knee, which caused Prater to fall to his knees. Silva followed up with several hits to the side of Prater's head. The bout was stopped by referee Mario Yamasaki, and it seemed like Silva was on the way to his second straight win.

    But the official decision took longer than normal to announced, and Yamasaki explained to Silva that he was disqualified because Yamasaki said the blows were

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