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    Nick Diaz is not known for holding his tongue. Just days before he gets a shot at the UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, Diaz let his true feelings on GSP be known. While on a Toronto radio show, Diaz said he thinks St-Pierre uses steroids.

    "I believe that he's on plenty of steroids and I don't believe they've tested him as well," Diaz said. "I don't care what they're saying or marketing to the media. I don't think either of us are going to be tested. ... I doubt they're standing over him, making sure he's not on steroids."

    Diaz has tested positive twice for marijuana, which is a

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  • What questions will be answered by UFC 158?

    (Getty)The UFC heads back to Canada, the place that may as well be their home and native land with the many, rabid Canadian fans. What questions will be answered by the fights?

    Can Nick Diaz back up his years of smack towards GSP? In April of 2010, I interviewed Diaz. It was a week or two after he, his brother and teammates started a melee at a Strikeforce fight on national television. He had plenty of challenges in front of him that didn't involve going to the UFC. But Diaz only wanted to talk about one opponent: Georges St-Pierre.

    Now, after a loss to Carlos Condit and a suspension for using banned substances, Diaz is getting a chance to take on GSP. It's a fight he's pushed for years. Can he come through in the clutch?

    Will Johny Hendricks look past this fight? After Hendricks knocked out Martin Kampmann, he was told by UFC president Dana White that he had the title shot. But then the UFC gave the shot to Diaz and put Hendricks on the same card. Now fighting Carlos Condit, will Hendricks have his mind on the title and the title on his mind, or will he take out Condit with a first-minute knockout, as he did in two of his last three bouts?

    Can Nate Marquardt rebound from his loss? In the final Strikeforce event, Marquardt looked overmatched against Tarec Saffiedine. Just two months later, he's back in the cage against Jake Ellenberger, a wrestler with knockout power. Will Marquardt show that he belongs back with the UFC??

    Who will keep their job? After UFC 157, White said the promotion has about 100 more athletes on their roster than they should. Every fighter is under pressure to perform well, be professional, pass their drug tests and not give the UFC a reason to cut them.

    Have you made your picks yet? Pick a fight, go to Cagewriter's Facebook page and tell us who will win and why. Your picks may show up on Cagewriter.

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  • Georges St-Pierre or Nick Diaz: Make your UFC 158 picks


    Don't be scared to make picks, homie. UFC 158 is this weekend, and we would love to hear who you think will win. Here's how it works. Pick a fight from the main card, head to Cagewriter's Facebook page, and tell us who you think will win and why. Here are the fights:

    Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz - for welterweight title
    Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks
    Jake Ellenberger vs. Nate Marquardt
    Chris Camozzi vs. Nick Ring
    Colin Fletcher vs. Mike Ricci

    Pick one, and write your pick and reasoning on Cagewriter's Facebook page. Your pick could appear on Cagewriter.

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  • MMA Marketplace: The UFC 158 walkout shirts

    (MMA Warehouse)It's time to look at the UFC 158 main event in the most important aspect: the walkout shirts. Looking at the shirts of Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre, who has the edge?

    Both the contender and the champion have black shirts that have an MMA design that doesn't look all that different than ones we've seen before. Diaz's shirt says where he's from, the 209, and what he's hoping to accomplish, which is world domination. GSP's is just GSP's. Nothing too exciting. Between that, and the ridiculous price of $57.99, Diaz is the winner in a tight decision.

    Get Diaz's shirt for $23.99 here, and GSP's here for wayyyyy too much money.

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  • (MFC)

    There are few siblings who can say they never fought with each other. I avoided it because my sister could kill me. But in Canada's Maximum Fighting Championship, two brothers are taking their sibling rivalry to the cage. Mike and Thomas Treadwell will fight at MFC 37 in May.

    Not only are they brothers, but they share a condo in Alberta. This will be their MMA debut, and their parents are not pleased.

    [Also: Junior dos Santos thinks Alistair Overeem is a joke]

    “Dad was angry and thinks we’re idiots. Mom knows but we don’t talk about it with her. Everyone else seems supportive,” Thomas said via press release.

    MMA has plenty of brother combos. Ken and Frank Shamrock, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Joe and Dan Lauzon, and Jim and Dan Miller have all fought at MMA's highest levels. But MFC believes this is the first time two brothers are facing off in the cage.

    The brothers will face off on May 10, just two days before Mother's Day. It should make for a very interesting family celebration.

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  • The biggest moments from ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

    (Getty)This week on "The Ultimate Fighter," the fight was only one of the many challenges that came up throughout the show for the fighters and coaches Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones.

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  • Study finds smiling fighters are losing fighters


    Before every fight, the fighters face off as part of the pre-fight weigh-ins. Usually, the two fighters raise their fists and scowl at each other as pictures are snapped. But sometimes, a fighter smiles at his or her opponent. A study published in the scientific journal "Emotion" claims that smiling isn't such a good plan. A smiling fighter is more likely to lose.

    The researchers did two studies as part of an overall look at how smiles affected fights. Their findings:

    We reason, on the basis of prior research, that prior to a physical confrontation, smiles are a nonverbal sign of reduced hostility and aggression, and thereby unintentionally communicate reduced physical dominance. Two studies provide evidence in support of this prediction: Study 1 found that professional fighters who smiled more in a prefight photograph taken facing their opponent performed more poorly during the fight in relation to their less intensely smiling counterparts. In Study 2, untrained observers judged a fighter as less hostile and aggressive, and thereby less physically dominant when the fighters' facial expression was manipulated to show a smiling expression in relation to the same fighter displaying a neutral expression.

    Taking a look at UFC weigh-ins in 2013, not many fighters smiled at their opponents. But of the ones who did, their record wasn't good. In the top picture, John Dodson smiled at Demetrious Johnson, and lost in a five-round decision.

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  • (Getty)Junior dos Santos was supposed to face Alistair Overeem at UFC 160, but an injury forced Overeem out of the bout. Now, dos Santos will fight Mark Hunt. JDS talked to a Brazilian radio station, and said he admired one of those opponents but found the other to be a joke.

    "I think it was great the UFC have scheduled Mark Hunt. I admire him very much for having accepted because he just fought. I admire and appreciate because I want to fight May 25 and this will happen thanks to him. When Overeem jumped off I thought it was great that the UFC came by with another opponent. [Overeem] isn’t a champion, he’s nothing. If he was a champion, I would wait."

    So JDS is a fan of Hunt, and doesn't think it's worth waiting for a bout with Overeem. But how does he feel about Overeem?

    "I think [Overeem] is a joke. He is very big, he's on steroids and he talks a lot of [expletive]. But I don't care about him. He can go on with his career and do what he thinks is the best for him, I will do the same. If some day we face each other and he runs out of problems, we fight."

    Overeem and dos Santos were set to fight last May, when dos Santos still held the UFC heavyweight championship belt. The fight was canceled when Overeem failed a PED test. He was found to have excessive levels of testosterone, more than double of that the athletic commission in Nevada allowed.

    Overeem was suspended, and then lost to Antonio Silva on his return to the cage. With dos Santos fresh off losing his belt to Cain Velasquez, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for the two rivals to square off.

    Thank you to Yahoo! Brazil for translation.

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  • Double-knockout from amateur fights in California (Video)

    At Galaxy Fight Night IV, an amateur MMA event in northern California, Brandon Alexander and Aaron Britt treated the fans to the rare MMA treat of a fast double-knockout. As the video above shows, the fighter introductions last longer than the fight itself. Seconds after squaring off, they both threw the same hook that landed on each other's button. Then, in a mirror image, both fighters fell to the ground. They both got back up.

    These results are more likely in the amateur ranks as fighters are still learning how to defend themselves while throwing punches. You can bet that both Alexander

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  • (Getty)Rashad Evans, the one-time UFC light heavyweight champion, made his position on same-sex marriage clear. He's for it, because equality in the world makes it better for everyone.

    When asked by Outsports of his thoughts on the issue, Evans issued this incredibly smart, well-thought-out response. His statement in full:

    “I've never been a homophobe, never understood what that is all about. I knew some people who were gay and never cared about their sexuality. But at the same time, I didn't fully understand the issues around gay people until my friend BA started telling me about his full public support for gay marriage. We talked about the issue and I decided its not enough to not be against a minority, if you want things to go better for them you have to speak up with them.

    “I'm a UFC fighter, a macho-type sport. I am a heterosexual guy in a tough macho sport, which is exactly the reason I feel a duty to say I support gay marriage and gay rights.

    “I have nothing to gain personally from supporting this issue, and that's the point. Society as a whole is better when there is equality, and I want to live in a country where everyone has the same rights because we all benefit from that.

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