Di Resta admits: ‘I’ve been eating a lot of pies this week’


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Formula 1 racer Paul di Resta has put himself on a pie diet after his qualifying heartbreak at Silverstone last week.

Scot di Resta put his Force India car fifth on the grid at the British Grand Prix - his best result in Formula 1 to date - only to have the result taken away from him when it was discovered that the combination of his slender frame and the 642kg car were 1.5kg under the required weight.

Di Resta is actually relatively tall and well built for an F1 driver - according to his official website, he stands 1.85m tall, and weighs 78kg.

By comparison, many drivers have dropped their weight considerably for the sake of their performance - world champion Seb Vettel, who is 10cm shorter than di Resta, was reportedly as light as 62.5kg at one stage in his career.

Heavy drivers have also carried their share of stigma over the years - Nigel Mansell's final outings in F1 were mocked as the car was modified to accommodate his now ample frame.

But in order to ensure that there are no weight issues again, di Resta freely admits that he's been tucking into pies since the weekend.

"I’ve been eating a lot of pies this week," revealed di Resta as he prepares for the German Grand Prix.

"When they told me on Saturday amount of the weight I couldn’t help but laugh. I was so much more relaxed than I thought I would be.

Di Resta explained that he had taken heart from the fact that he knew he had qualified in fifth on merit - and not because he had gained a huge advantage from the lighter car.

"But I suppose the sense of relief came from the fact it wouldn't have altered where I qualified," he said. "I knew I had qualified fifth, it didn’t take anything away from it because it is 200 hundredths or something, a kilo.’

There was some suspicion that the FIA scales may have been to blame - though they are checked and monitored by scrutineers. Di Resta added: "Well we didn’t start from the pit lane and we didn’t add ballast. It came as a bit of a shock and it became a bit clearer over Sunday.

"It was a hard one to take because we stop at the weighbridge after FP3 on every single Saturday and that is the last mark you get before qualifying. Maybe it was a misjudgement."

When asked what kind of pie, di Resta gave a nod to his roots.

"Scotch pies, keep to the roots. I am sure I will be on the scales a bit more!"

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