Porsche smashes into barrier, flips into canal… but driver walks away unhurt


File this one under the: 'How the hell did nobody get hurt?' category.

The above video comes from the recent Hellendoorn Rally in the Netherlands where driver Harry Kleinjan and his navigator amazingly walked away unhurt after a truly spectacular crash.

His Porsche 964 was not so lucky as it got absolutely thrashed after a stuck throttle led to a terrifying domino effect.

Unable to turn the car, Kleinjan's Porsche first smashed into a barrier before flying up into the air; the tires were ripped off after making contract with the barrier before the car flips up over the barrier and ends up roof-first in a canal.

It says something about the modern safety of some of these race cars, though, that neither man in the vehicle needed treatment once they got out.

They didn't even need armbands to get out of there!

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