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Austin Healey weasels out of £1 bet with every person in Wales

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Austin Healey has weaselled out of a £1 bet with every member of the Welsh public on the result of the Six Nations decider between England and Wales on Saturday.

If everyone had taken him up on the bet – and many did – he could have lost as much as £3m.

But after the Welsh romped to a 30-3 victory, sealing the Six Nations title in the process, Healey tweeted that he would not be honouring the bet.

"Before you all start asking for a pound here's the legals...," Healey tweeted shortly after the match, linking to another tweet from a few days ago in which he claimed he would withdraw the offer with referee Steve Walsh officiating.

He did at least, however, have the humility to add: "Well played Wales!"

“Happy to bet a pound with every person in Wales ENGLAND take the 6 nations,” Healey had originally claimed, in a bet which caught the imagination of many in Wales.

Wales Online newspaper encouraged its readers to accept the bet, raising £2,731 worth of bets and counting against Healey the day before the match.

Celebrities have also got involved, with former Strictly Come Dancing Judge Arlene Phillips and ex-Wales international Rupert Moon taking him up on his offer.

In theory, it would have been a great value bet for Healey.

Had Healey made the same bet with the bookmakers (at odds of roughly 3/10 on), he would have needed to risk £10m to win £3m.

Instead, had every Welshman, woman and child taken him on, he was effectively betting at evens – a pound gained if he won, a pound lost if he lost.

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