Paul Parker

  • It looks like the title could come down to the clash between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield but don't expect the type of thrills you got when the Reds faced Manchester City.

    Jose Mourinho's Chelsea make hard work of every game because of the style in which they play.

    Chelsea put everybody to sleep with their style. They more than grind a game out.

    Chelsea are going to have to do something unbelievably boring to win at Liverpool on April 27.

    It is the only way they can win it. If they open up, they will be overrun by Brendan Rodgers' side.

    Chelsea will visit Anfield with a pistol, but the

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  • I think we all have to take a step back, take a deep breath and calm down before making any predictions in the race for the Premier League. Liverpool are slight favourites, but that is all. Chelsea and Manchester City remain well in the hunt. Liverpool are on a great run, but they still have to win four games on the bounce which remains a big ask.

    Chelsea also have it in their own hands. You saw nerves at the weekend in Liverpool's 3-2 win over Manchester City which you have to expect because they are young, and they are going to get nervous.

    City did well to recover, and looked destined to

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  • You can't have sentiment in the Premier League. It is a cruel environment. It is survival of the fittest, and if you are soft as a manager you don't survive.

    But the behaviour of Norwich City over the past few days is an embarrassment to decency. They have to be very careful what road they are going down.

    They are well liked as a club, a community club from one of people's favourite parts of the country.

    But suddenly they could get tarred with the same brush as Chelsea and Real Madrid as a club who like sacking managers for the sake of it rather than being friendly and loyal, and not being

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  • Tim Sherwood won't survive beyond the summer. You have to ask yourself if you are a Spurs fan, would you really want him as your manager?

    The answer would have to be no. Just because of the way he has conducted himself in certain situations. He has shown his inexperience. You can't go from managing Under-21s, and get away with the same treatment when you are dealing with seasoned professionals.

    The Ajax coach Frank de Boer is the right choice for the club rather than Louis van Gaal or Mauricio Pochettino.

    De Boer works with youngsters at Ajax. He was a great player, a well respected player.

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  • Ageing Giggs has a crucial decision to make

    Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with Bayern Munich was a decent performance and a good result on the night, even though it’s tough to see it going their way after the second leg at the Allianz.

    While some will look at the away goal conceded as the biggest negative, I couldn’t get over the latest of many, many clear signs this season that United desperately need stronger, sharper midfield talent.

    Marouane Fellaini’s dismal start to life at Old Trafford has been underscored countless times, and understandably it will be until either the issue is solved or United simply cut their sizable losses on

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  • It is time for some of the disgruntled United fans to get real, the ones who apparently turned their attention to Sir Alex Ferguson last night.

    I look at fans who are critical of Ferguson for his role in appointing David Moyes as 'new-age' fans, supporters who grew up with the mindset that United were always going to be in contention to win the Premier League and the Champions League.

    If those people are around my age, they will remember a United side who won 10 games on the bounce but then fell away badly in the old Football League. That is what got big Ron Atkinson the sack before Sir Alex

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  • I've never seen anything like it. Manchester United's capitulation against Liverpool on Sunday was just beyond belief.

    Okay, so you can point out the fact that Liverpool had much better form going into the game, but what shocked me so much was the utter lack of guts shown by any of the United players because the one thing I thought you could always count would be that they'd put up a big fight. They didn't, and that's what worries me most.

    There was never a moment when you thought they'd score a goal. They weren't even knocking on the door - or if they were, they were certainly wearing thick

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  • City have a point to prove, but so do Barca

    First things first: I think Barcelona will go through against Manchester City - but I also think City have a much better chance of causing an upset than Arsenal did on Tuesday night.

    City are coming up against a Barcelona side who have blown hot and cold of late, and who are nothing like as good as they were last season. The change of manager really doesn't seem to have done them any favours.

    Above all, they're really lacking defensively. Gerard Pique is still good, but their two full-backs, while great on the attack, aren't up to scratch. It tells you everything you need to know that Javier

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  • Hodgson must get ruthless to get England ready for Brazil

    We’re officially on the 100-day countdown to Brazil, but for me (and many others), we will not feel like we are on the road to the World Cup until after England’s first real preparation friendly against Denmark on Wednesday.

    Nobody expects England to lift the trophy, barring the delusional and those who like to act as if we are still expected to go all the way just so they can lump in on the players when they do not.

    However, we are right to expect, at minimum, a positive and passionate campaign from our boys that finishes at the hands of a side that are truly the more deserving side, despite

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  • As a former Manchester United player watching the game from Delhi, where I was providing studio analysis for international coverage, needless to say the 2-0 defeat at Olympiacos was a very sobering experience.

    I’ll get into the performance-related aspects of why shortly, but more important is the bottom line: United are very likely going to be absent from Champions League competition for the first time in 20 years.

    Yes, it remains possible that they could sneak into the Premier League top four with a tremendous late surge, but does that really look like happening?

    Meanwhile, their

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