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Kaka deal shows up Chelsea

Paul Parker

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£58 million Real Madrid paid for Kaka is a lot of money, but there can be no
doubt he is a supreme talent and Real know what they are getting.

is a massive sum, but not all that surprising in today's
world. Milan
were simply not in a position to turn that sort of money down.

Manchester City fans will say the fee could have
been £40m more if Kaka had signed for them, I don't
think that was ever going to happen. City were not the right club for him.

also have to say the deal represents another failure in the transfer market for Chelsea,
who have really struggled to make the 'fantasy' signings Roman Abramovich wanted when he bought
the club.

While they denied making a formal bid for Kaka, they were certainly interested and it would be naive to think they were not involved in negotiations on some level.

is hard for them because they just do not have a prestigious enough name to
sign the very top players.

have had five years of success, but that is not enough to build the kind of
reputation that Real enjoy, with their countless domestic titles and nine
European Cups. A few barren years do not affect them as much because of their
glittering history.

think most players would rather sign for Liverpool than Chelsea, even though they have not won the
league for 19 years.

I signed for Manchester United they had gone 25 years without winning the
league but that certainly did not put me off. If anything, it was an incentive.

a club has a dry spell, the rewards and accolades will be all the greater if
you can help them end the drought. Imagine the glory and adulation for the Liverpool squad that finally wins the Premier League.

can expect something similar if he helps Real return to the top of the pile in Spain.

people who saw Real's defending last
season might say they should concentrate on strengthening at the back, but what
they need more than any individual player is the team spirit and unity that Barcelona have.

obviously helps to have a midfielder who can rival Xavi and Andres Iniesta for
technical ability, but it will count for nothing unless Real find some
cohesion, which was sadly lacking last season.

thing you can say about Kaka is that he is not a prima donna, and seems fairly
humble. He will work hard for the team and keep his nose clean. Any club in the
world would love to have him.

all know about Real president Florentino Perez's
formula for buying success through 'Galacticos', and he has shown that it can work.

will certainly add interest to the Spanish league. At the moment, people really
want to watch Barcelona,
but Kaka's arrival at their big
rivals will immediately make Real more attractive and interesting to neutrals, and
hopefully it will spice up the Liga title race.

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