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Have Chisora and Klitschko come to blows again?

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A report has surfaced that Britain’s Dereck Chisora and world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko were involved in a wild nightclub brawl in Ibiza.

The Mirror claim the two boxers had to be pulled apart by bouncers in the club, with Chisora’s trainer Don Charles seemingly verifying the story.

"They have history but it was purely a coincidence that they bumped into each other during their holidays," Charles is quoted by the paper as saying.

Chisora’s history with the Klitschkos stems back to late 2011 and especially early 2012, when 'Del Boy' received his first – and thus far only – world title opportunity against Wlad's older brother Vitali.

Chisora told Yahoo!-Eurosport last summer in an exclusive interview that he felt slighted by the brothers and by David Haye when his scheduled title fight with Wladimir was put on the backburner so that Haye could get in there first.

Chisora finally got his chance in a Munich showdown with Vitali in February 2012 where shocked the world by slapping the champion at the weigh-in, spitting water at his brother/cornerman Wladimir moments before the fight and then brawling with broadcast analyst Haye at the post-fight presser.

It took Chisora over a year to not only get his British boxing licence back, but to return to a regular existence of boxing for a living.

Even then, his most recent bout – a July 20th win over previously-unbeaten Malik Scott – was shrouded in controversy over the referee’s decision to wave Scott off at ‘nine’ in his 10-count.

While a peculiar time to make a judgement call, the referee was well within his rights to do just that, especially with the American not rising at eight – the universally-recognised moment to rise from the canvas to convince the official you can continue – and failing to get his fists up on command.

So, while that particular bout of controversy came across more like Stateside damage control as they continue to search for a solution to their own heavyweight woes, the Ibiza nightclub report could very much put Chisora back at square one.

Or, would it?

A viable (if cynical) theory is that the Chisora-Klitschko feud renewal story is not only completely false, but was the brainchild of the boxers and their respective teams.

Frank Warren has made it clear on more than one occasion since getting Chisora back into the domestic fight scene that it’s the straight and narrow for his charge from here on out, but he of all people knows that controversy creates cash.

Wlad has a huge payday in his immediate future, when he takes on Alexander Povetkin - the only heavyweight titlist not named Klitschko - in October. Why bother with a distracting stunt like this before then?

Not only that, but what are the chances of both men being in the same holiday destination - at the same nightspot - on the same evening? Hmm.

And let’s just assume that this is a tactic to build hype in the heavyweight fight we never got in 2011: does Chisora even deserve another world title shot?

No doubt, he was impressive in his resilient grinding down of Scott, despite the American doing a strong job of keeping the Zimbabwe-born fighter out of harm’s way for much of the bout. But is ‘The Noble Artist’ really a final stepping stone before a Klitschko? This writer thinks not.

If Chisora were to win another three or four fights against reasonable opponents (I’d write ‘strong’ opponents, but this is the modern heavyweight division, after all), maybe he should get another chance. His in-ring performance against Vitali was the one area where Dereck did not let himself down, and whether some like it or not, he garners more attention than most run-of-the-mill fighters.

Sure, part of that is due to his inexcusable madcap antics, but still…

So, here’s what I ask you, the Pugilist reader:

- Do you think The Mirror’s Wlad-Chisora pull-apart report is legitimate?

- If not, do you believe the boxer’s own camps are behind it?

- Haye and Tyson Fury claim the winner of the fight will be in line for a Klitschko. Who would you rather see fight Wlad or Vitali out of the three Brits?

Have your say in the comments section below. I’m curious to see what the general consensus is.

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