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Fury threatens Lewis and Haye in Twitter meltdown

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British heavyweight Tyson Fury could find himself in hot water after an astonishing series of Tweets in which he threatens rival David Haye and boxing legend Lennox Lewis.

Manchester’s Fury, whose fight with Haye was cancelled last month after the Londoner suffered a cut eye in training, was responding to an article in The Telegraph where the 48-year-old Lewis said he would still be able to "knock him out in one round".

Fury’s opening gambit was vanilla enough, Tweeting Lewis with "Lennox u talk utter sh*t! I'd spank u & haye& price all in the same night!"

But for some reason Fury’s tweets spiralled as, without goading, he degenerated into a series of threats, and slurs – some homophobic – against both Lewis and Haye:

"I think the @LennoxLewis &wlad@Klitschko r 100% Homosexuals!!"

"There is so many f****** pricks on hear! All b***job giving c****!! I’d love to see u lot I’d cut your throats u pack of t*******."

Fury deleted the homophobic and throat-cut tweets soon after posting, but comments threatening to “snap (Haye’s) jaw in little bits” and have Lewis “carried out on a stretcher” remained.

The below Tweet is probably the only one we can get away with displaying in full – the rest are fairly scandalous, with Fury clearly aware he had overstepped the mark after deleting some of the more unsavoury ones.

The Pugilist reckons Fury will end up in a spot of bother as his trash-talking clearly stepped over the mark. Whether Lewis accepts his challenge is another question – at 48 he may be twice Fury’s age, but as the last undisputed heavyweight in professional boxing he could well still have the clout to give the Mancunian a run for his money.

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