5 crazy things you missed: Balotelli in gun pic controversy, Germany stars’ mad dancing

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Often some of the funniest, most interesting and quirky moments at huge sports events go almost unnoticed, rarely featured in reports or blog posts.

So here are five ridiculous things you may not have already seen or heard about from the last few days in the world of sport.

Did you see anything particularly noteworthy that passed off without mention? Feel free to bring it to our attention in the comments section below...

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1) OH MARIO, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW? - Balotelli tweets and deletes photo of shotgun pointed at 'haters'

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Mario Balotelli on Instagram

The trouble with the ever self-effacing Mario Balotelli is that he clearly does not want all the attention that he gets. He just wants to live a normal, relaxed job away from the limelight.

That is, until he completely loses the plot and decides to do something very ill-advised, such as pointing a shotgun at a camera and posting it online, calling out his "haters".

Now, if Phil Neville did this it would be instantly mocked and laughed off, but because of Balotelli's, shall we say 'chequered' past in terms of crazy antics, it is much less surprising. What was he thinking? We've been here before...


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2) WHOA, THIS IS, ER... FUNNY? - Get ready for lederhosen and dad dancing if Germany win World Cup

Germany produced probably the most incredible attacking half hour ever seen at the World Cup as they destroyed Brazil in the opening moments of their World Cup semi-final on Tuesday. And if this video is anything to go by, we can only hope that they will continue in a similar vein - because should they win the big one on Sunday night, the victory party will truly be a sight for the ages.

The clip above shows Thomas Mueller showing off what we would normally describe as "his dance moves" - except such bland words barely scratch the surface of a man who appears to be riding an invisible, drunken donkey around an ice rink. While wearing lederhosen. Though Mueller is the undisputed star of the show, pay special attention to German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer in the background.

That boy can move - and not just between the sticks while trying to get his hands on a speeding football. We've yet to ascertain exactly where or when this footage was taken, though the smart money is on it being some time during Oktoberfest: the 'Paulaner' sign in the background is a dead giveaway, while the white-socks-with-black-shoes, and the surfeit of leather shorts on display seem to back this up.

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3) DAVID LUIZ MOCKING GOES A STEP FURTHER - Brazil liability offered for free by deals website

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It just gets worse for poor David Luiz, and seeing the man in tears after Brazil's 7-1 humiliation to Germany in the semi-finals has not deterred this company from sticking the boot in.

The Brazil captain has been offered up for free by deals website Wowcher and his astonishing £50 million fee has been apparently slashed to 'absolutely nothing', which is apparently a real bargain.

He apparently comes 'highly rated by Piers Morgan' and 'can also be used as a multi-purpose mop', which is more than can be said about most of the England stars.

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4) VERY TOUCHING MOMENT AFTER MATCH - Robben consoles his devastated son after the Netherlands' defeat

Arjen Robben was clearly pretty distraught after the Netherlands' heartbreaking penalty shootout defeat to Argentina in the semi-finals in Brazil, but he still had things firmly in perspective.

The winger, who has lit up the tournament with his pace and cutting edge, walked over to console his son Kai, who is two-years-old.

Despite his own personal disappointment, it was a heartwarming moment as he came over to pat the child, who was with his mother in the stands.

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5) FOOTBALL DRESSING ROOMS CAN BE HARSH PLACES - Prem club's players play prank on Brazilian Fabio

It was Fabio's 24th birthday, so the boys at Cardiff City decided to mark the occasion with a few gifts. Lovely.

Only the gifts in question were Germany themed, which was not ideal given that Fabio was no doubt in mourning over his Brazil's shocking defeat.

Craig Noone posted a picture of the gifts, alongside the caption: "Happy Birthday Fabio". Harsh.



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