Mourinho: England will reach the final!

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We've seen Chelsea manager and Yahoo global football ambassador Jose Mourinho set his 2014 World Cup last-16 predictions (with help from Yahoo's Melanie Collins), but where did he go from there? Well, he decided to go a little wild with it.

"We are not trying to predict, we are making fun," he said as he wielded his marker like the sword of a Highlander.


Mourinho then added: "We need to make something crazy happen." And so he picked England to beat Brazil in the quarter-finals — a result that would surely prompt the type of riots that would end the tournament right then and there.

He then set up a tasty match-up between Argentina and PortugalLionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo — and naturally chose his fellow Portuguese to win.

With England, Germany, Italy and Portugal in the semi-finals, Mourinho declared his now obvious intentions. "People will say that I'm clever," he said with a Cheshire grin. "Because I'm doing this to finish Portugal-England in the final, so I can work in peace in England and be in peace in Portugal the other days." And so a Portugal-England final he did arrange.

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That's where things really went off the rails.

"The champion is on penalties," Mourinho said, because of course. "Portugal lose on penalties many times, England always lose on penalties. We will find a situation where the referee decide the world champion by a coin [toss]."

So there you have it. Jose Mourinho says the 2014 World Cup winner will be Portugal/England — the first joint champions in the tournament's history and Italy will finish third. Go ahead and place your bets on that now.

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