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There’s already a T-shirt of the Sochi Olympic ring fail

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There have been no shortage of problems in Sochi, but the biggest malfunction came during the Olympics Opening Ceremony Friday and it was broadcast for the world to see.

One of the Olympic rings didn't open. Instead of five rings, we saw four rings and a snowflake-looking thing.

This being 2014, such a public gaffe means a couple of things will probably follow: a parody twitter and/or a commemorative T-shirt. Here's your Olympic ring fail T-shirt.

It was created by Michael Miller, a designer at a New York advertising agency and it's already for sale. It'll cost you $22.95 (around £14).

Somebody buy one and send it to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Just in case he still hasn't seen the ring glitch yet.

Mike Oz | Fourth-Place Medal

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