Member of public outfoxes Novak Djokovic with amazing behind-the-back lobbed volley


The thing about the world's best tennis players these days is that they're operating at such a high level that it would surely be almost impossible for Joe Public to score so much as a point off them, wouldn't it?

Well, maybe not.

As this video - which has just come to light on these shores - shows, world number one Novak Djokovic was amongst the players at a charity event in Key Biscayne, Florida late last month, where a few members of the public were allowed to play a handful of points with the world's best.

Ray Collins was one lucky enough player, the amateur hitting up with Andy Murray on his side of the court, and Djokovic, partnered by Ana Ivanovic, on the other.

After the rally was a few strokes old, Djokovic poked the ball down the middle towards Collins' backhand - but as cool as you like, Collins played a volley behind his back, lobbing Djokovic and forcing the Serb to scramble back.

It was in vain - he couldn't get the ball back in time.

And frankly, when your shot is so good that Murray and Ivanovic want to high-five you, and the world's best player wants to shake your hand, the only thing that's better is knowing that you caught it all on film.

As for Djokovic, the Serb is preparing for the Monte Carlo Masters this week, and is a doubt for the tournament because of an ankle injury.

Let's just hope his pride wasn't wounded too after Collins' moment of magic...

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