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Roll up, roll up! The Caroline Wozniacki circus is in town!

It's without doubt the hottest ticket north of the Yarra River
at the moment, after the world number one put in another stellar performance on
the court and followed that up with not one, but two show-stopping routines in
the media centre.

Hot on the heels of her inverted press conference the
other day, the Dane thought she's play another prank on the
assembled media when they continued in the same jocular vein by kicking off the
session with a question about the most exciting thing she had ever done.

Wozniacki proceeded to spin a yarn about trying to help a
stricken baby kangaroo she saw in the park earlier in the week, only for it to attack
her and inflict a scratch on her leg that required hospital treatment.

Not a bad story, thought the media (Tramlines included, as
it pondered the headline 'Crazed roo goes mental on Wozza'), and everyone
scurried off to write it up.

Only there was a problem, one which only became clear to
anyone who doesn't speak Danish when Wozniacki later tweeted: "Round 2
with the media:) hope you enjoyed my kangaroo story, hope you know i was just
kidding:) see you on tuesday for round 3!"

Round three came earlier than expected though, as she called
a further press conference soon after. A real one or a joke one? Would there be
a huge, mad kangaroo in there, ready to box the ears of any hack who had the
temerity to bring up the subject of her number one status? It was anyone's

Intrigued, journalists from around the world packed out the
main interview room where, thankfully, there was no angry native wildlife, just
a contrite Wozniacki who proceeded to apologise for her prank.

"I just wanted to clarify and say I'm sorry if I've
caused any harm or made your job a little bit more difficult," she said.

"I made it up because it sounded better than what
actually happened. I walked into the treadmill.

"I'm sorry if I caused an inconvenience.  I really didn't mean to. I didn't think you
would believe it because I already told the Danish press and they know."

She went on suggest a future as a film actor was a
possibility and, given the convincing nature of her earlier performance, who is
Tramlines to scoff at that? We knew she had the looks, but it now seems she has
the talent too.

But Keira Knightly need not worry too much - at least not
for time being. Wozniacki's latest 6-3 6-4 victory over Anastasija Sevastova has
ensured she will still be doing the day job for the foreseeable future.


The Berdych Army were out in force once again to watch their
hero Tomas win his way through to the quarter-finals with a straight-set win
over Fernando Verdasco, providing Tramlines with the opportunity to meet them and
pose a few questions.

Like, why are a bunch of 20-something Aussies (for Trammers
can confirm they are Australian) so passionate about a player who hails all the
way from the Czech Republic?

"Seven years ago one of our mates ball-boyed for him as
a junior and then a couple of us starting following him for a few years,"
Matthew, one of the Army's singing generals, explained.

"Then five years ago, we formed the Berdych Army and we
just took it from there. We had 11 at the first match and it has peaked at just
under 50."

There were about 30 of them in the sunshine on Margaret
Court Arena for the Verdasco win, about 10 down on their first round number,
mainly because "a few of the boys are at the beach".

Nevertheless, the noise they generated, along with their
song selection, was as loud as it has been all week, and nearly as impressive as
England cricket's Barmy Army, from whom they take some of their "inspiration".

Certainly, their support seems to be having the desired
effect on Berdych, who has dropped just one set this tournament and takes his Aussie
Open campaign into the second week with a quarter-final clash with Novak Djokovic.

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Earlier in the week, reader online_kid asked Tramlines to
find out which football teams top players supported. Unfortunately, we can't
confirm that Sam Stosur is an Everton fan, nor if Maria Sharapova is a Gooner
(Trammers was too scared to breach the subject after her defeat to Andrea Petkovic).

But what we can tell you that quarter-finalist and Andy
Murray's next opponent Jurgen Melzer is a Bayern Munich fan - and mighty
pleased he must be after the Bavarian side's 5-1 demolition of Kaiserslauten
this weekend.

When Trammers caught up with Melzer, he had just prolonged
his interest in the doubles competition with partner Philipp Petzschner.

Great news for Murray fans, thought Trammers. Perhaps he may
be tired from this extra-curricular distraction, increasing Muzza's chances of
seeing him off on Monday.

No chance.

"It's better than an hour's practice," Melzer
said. "We played today in an hour and seven minutes so it's not taking out
too much energy.

"My focus is on singles and I'm still in the draw so
doubles is nice. I enjoy playing with Philipp but my priority is singles."

And what does he think of his next opponent?

"He brings four wins with him and I have four losses
when we played. It's going to be a tough match-up for me," he said.

"It's tough for everybody who has to play Andy. He's
number five in the world. He played extremely well here last year so he has
good memories. It's my aggressive style against his defensive style."

While Melzer was sweating away in his doubles match, Murray
was doing likewise on the practice courts - drawing a large crowd and some big
television cameras.

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An absolute epic encounter on Rod Laver in the evening session saw Francesca
Schiavone edge Svetlana Kuznetsova 6-4 1-6 16-14. At four hours and
44 minutes, it was the longest women's match in Grand Slam history.

"If you saw a journalist lying down in the park, would you help him?"
Put to Wozniacki, just after she came clean over roo-gate. For the record, she
answered: "I'm a good
girl, so I always help people in need." Trammers doesn't know what to
believe any more.

winner has to be gapdouglas, for this effort: "The remarkable
wildlife of a Hippy Moth settles on a tennis player's

And for today, here's Francesca Schiavone getting herself
into a few problems...

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