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  • Tech Talk: GP could be won on Friday

    The tight title battle continues at Hockenheim this
    weekend with Red Bull and McLaren pushing development boundaries hard in
    different areas - but how will their respective progress affect things this

    Bridgestone will bring their widest tyre gap of the
    season this weekend to spice things up, but while much of the focus (providing
    the weather remains dry) will be on how the cars cope with this difference in
    tyre performance styles perhaps the biggest key to this weekend's battle
    between Red Bull and McLaren will actually be their respective progress with
    their f-duct and blown diffuser

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  • Gray Matter: Mid-table mid-term report

    The mid-term report moves to the middle of the pack this week - and while it may not hit the headlines there is a fascinating battle for superiority outside the sport's top five teams.

    With Renault making impressive moves forward to join Mercedes in the tail end of the top five, this year's tight midfield really contains just four teams - Force India, Williams, Sauber and Toro Rosso - all battling to capitalise on mistakes from the frontrunners.

    While the top teams are definable this year by their rapid rates of progress and clear trends in multi-race consistency, this set of teams have shown

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  • Top of the table mid-term report

    With the teams taking a summer break it's
    time to look at the movers and shakers so far this season and where they might
    end up - starting this week with the fascinating battle at the top of the

    A long time has passed since Fernando
    Alonso, Felipe Massa and Ferrari were all smiles after their one-two finish in
    Bahrain while Formula One was facing up to criticism and calls for more rule
    changes following a season opener that failed to deliver the exciting spectacle
    expected from a mouth watering line-up at the sharp end of the grid.

    Since then Red Bull have dominated,
    benefitting from

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  • Tech Talk: Can McLaren mount Canada challenge?

    Red Bull controlled the race in Turkey before throwing it all away - but can closest rivals McLaren attack them at the unique Montreal circuit this weekend?

    The Canada venue, about to make a popular return to the calendar, offers a unique stop-start high-speed street circuit. It has different characteristics to all other tracks visited so far, most important of all the combination of long high-speed straights heading into big braking zones followed by low-speed corners.

    Add to that the greasy and constantly changing surface, the tendency for the track to create plenty of marbles off line, and

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  • Gray Matter: Was Schumacher out of order?

    Michael Schumacher's 'horror' move on Rubens Barrichello almost got him a black flag in Hungary - but did the under pressure seven-times world champion push things beyond the limit?

    Although Schumacher's results are certainly not what had been expected of him on his comeback, he seems to be enjoying life, appearing more easygoing than he has in the past and being openly matter-of-fact about the situation he has found himself in.

    But Mercedes signed Schumacher for his performance and his profile - and not only has success eluded him this year, the focus that they had expected to draw to the

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  • Gray Matter: Is Silverstone sorted?

    Silverstone's owners, the British Racing Drivers Club, escaped the wrath of Bernie Ecclestone for once this year - but after almost losing one of its treasures, does it still deserve to be on the calendar?

    Silverstone 'lost' the race when Donington presented Ecclestone with a proposal for state-of-the-art facilities that promised to bring the level of British Grand Prix up towards that of affluent newcomers Singapore and Abu Dhabi. But when that stillborn project failed to get off the ground, the long-standing regular host stepped back in to ensure the race still went ahead.

    With new countries

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  • Tech Talk: Will wing test halt Red Bull?

    Red Bull had an incredible advantage over their rivals in Hungary - but will expected plans to toughen front wing flexing tests change things at the next race in Spa?

    The flexible nature of the new front wing design innovatively created by Red Bull's engineers was more overtly visible in Hungary than it has been ever since it was introduced at Silverstone - and so too were its performance benefits.

    The wing's properties are understood to be achieved through the unique lay-up of carbon fibre, which can be designed so it only deflects on high loading. But there are also suggestions that it could

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  • Tech Talk: Flexible wings set to continue?

    The flexible wing controversy in Germany was quickly overshadowed by Ferrari's thinly veiled team orders and the confirmation that Red Bull and Ferrari had passed all tests - but is the debate set to continue?

    This year's front wings have become increasingly intricate, their endplates perhaps the most developed ever seen with flick-ups, slot-gaps, winglets and wide flat low feet. The closer these can work with the floor, the greater effect they can have, producing more downforce through increased ground effect - one of the most efficient methods of achieving downforce with limited increase in

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  • Gray Matter: Could Red Bull’s implosion decide title battle?

    Much has been said about the inter-garage rivalry at Red Bull after the sensational scenes in the last race at Silverstone - but the high-profile blowout could just be the solution to their problems.

    When Mark Webber's tension over apparent favouritism towards team-mate Sebastian Vettel exploded with 'wing-gate' at the British Grand Prix, the team's main rivals in the paddock tried to make the most of their instability.

    Red Bull tried to diffuse the situation, but seemed to only make it worse. Mark Webber apologised, team owner Dietrich Mateschitz called for unity and Horner eventually

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  • Gray Matter: The third car conundrum

    Earlier this week Flavio Briatore (pictured) brought up the three-car team conundrum again - but would F1 benefit from more front-runners instead of the new backmarker teams or would it damage the sport?

    Ever since Ferrari posted the enticing idea of putting Michael Schumacher alongside Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa last year, talk of third cars for leading teams has been on the radar. It was discussed. Dismissed. But it has never died.

    Now, with the new teams struggling to perform, it begs the question whether the sport should have built up its numbers from the front rather than the back?

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