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  • Technical Talk: Finely balanced

    wear has been a big talking point at every race so far this season - and this
    weekend will see Red Bull hoping to learn more about a new lay-out design
    that aims to get to grips with it.

    The temperature has had a significant effect on the way
    each different design works its tyres this year and so far, with most races
    run in warmer temperatures, much of Brawn's
    success has been down to their car's
    ability to protect its tyres from going off in the heat.

    At Silverstone, the cool temperatures helped Red Bull take
    control, but so far warm temperatures have put Brawn out in

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  • Gray Matter – Battle of the big mouths

    Some big announcements from F1's most active new boys Virgin Racing and Lotus F1 have set tongues wagging recently - but what are they really bringing to the table?

    While USF1 and Campos Meta continued to get on with things quietly, the other two newcomers saw a big fanfare of publicity with team launches, new logos and driver line-up announcements this week, coupled with a range of promises, hopes and warnings.

    The Lotus line-up of Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen shows they are taking things very seriously - two race winners is more, even, than world champions Brawn GP will have in their

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  • Technical Talk: Forcing Force India ahead

    Force India made an incredible jump to the front at this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix - but where did their stunning performance come from?

    Earlier on in the season, when the team languished at the back of the grid, such pace seemed a dim hope yet Giancarlo Fisichella won pole position at Spa-Francorchamps on merit, he proved the pace of the car with the fastest low-fuel time in Q2 qualifying and he only failed to win because Raikkonen's perfect positioning at the post-safety car restart allowed him to use the KERS advantage to pass and stay ahead.

    It was a baffling turnaround for Force India,

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  • Strong start counts

    Brawn's title hopes may have taken a wobble in the middle of the season - but history shows their strong start ensured they were destined to secure the crown.

    The former Honda squad hit the ground running this year, collecting a large pocket full of points to create a buffer for the rest of the season and although Red Bull hit back, promising for a while that they would develop a strong title fight, it looks like Brawn is going to hold on to the top spot.

    But that was always on the cards because history shows that if a team is in front early in the year it is unlikely they are going to drop

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  • How can F1 find justice?

    Formula One is consistently criticised for the inconsistency of its punishments handed out when teams do wrong - but is it just part of life or is it time for an organisational overhaul?

    The Renault race-fixing scandal has taken Formula One to new levels of controversy. Teams have always tried to bend the rules in design and development, tried to gain advantage by making illegal changes to their equipment or tried to influence the outcome of races using team orders, but the history books have not revealed another situation in which one driver has deliberately crashed to benefit his team-mate.

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  • Cut price future for Formula One?

    South Korea is the latest nation to secure its place on the Formula One calendar having been included for 2010 - but as anticipation builds for next month's debut in Abu Dhabi could the harbour-side track could be one of the last of the sport's 'super circuits'?

    The new Abu Dhabi track around the Yas Marina was contracted out for build at $350 million and promises to be the most advanced circuit ever seen in Formula One. It is the latest and greatest of the recent arrivals on the F1 calendar, but there are suggestions that once Korea is completed such levels will never be reached again - and

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  • End of the wind tunnel?

    Manor F1 designer Nick Wirth has revealed the new team's car will be the first Grand Prix machine designed entirely using Computational Fluid Dynamics — but can it prove wind tunnels are a thing of the past?

    Wirth confirmed last week that the new Manor F1 machine, which Wirth Research and sister company Digital Flow Solutions have been hired to develop, will be completed by the end of next month - and in doing so he confidently revealed the car will hit the track having never been near a wind tunnel.

    The general long-held consensus of designers up and down the paddock, however, is that

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  • Gray Matter: Button – The steely champion

    Jenson Button finally became world champion last weekend, but anyone who claims he stumbled to the title with a faltering display in the second half of the season couldn't be further from the truth.

    Button's title success was built on his stunning series of victories in the early part of the season when, making the most of the advantage their controversial but legal double diffuser design gave them, he won six from seven.

    But that was the easy bit. At a time when the Brawn GP car was, for the most part, streets ahead of its rivals all he had to do was steer it to victory. When their rivals

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  • Technical Talk – F1′s reliability age

    The reliability of current F1 cars is so good that Lewis Hamilton had never suffered a mechanical failure on his McLaren until his brakes failed in Abu Dhabi - and much of that is down to NDT.

    That Hamilton had completed 51 races without being let down (his four previous retirements being two spins and two collisions) is incredible considering the speed, forces and pace of development seen in Formula One (particularly the latter with regards to McLaren this season).

    Twenty years ago, in 1989, the most reliable car on the grid was a Williams with their two machines completing 81 per cent of the

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  • Technical Talk: Old hands facing battle at the back

    Formula One's new teams face a daunting task preparing for their 2010 entries - but the familiar technical faces behind the scenes offer a clue to how each new outfit might perform.

    There is no doubting the names Manor, Campos, USF1 and One Malaysia (aka Lotus, but not as we know it) do not seem to have the pedigree to be an instant hit in Formula One.

    USF1 and Lotus F1 are total start-ups with no company racing background (once again, ignore that Lotus name, it's nothing to do with Team Lotus that quit F1 in 1994) and while Manor and Campos have good backgrounds they are still, on the

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