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Fantastic landing, shame about the celebration

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Ski jumper Manuel Fettner showed remarkable control to land a monster ski-jump at the World Championships in Val Di Fiemme despite losing a ski, yet he still somehow found a way to embarrass himself.

The Austrian lost control of his right ski right at the beginning of the landing but somehow managed to keep his balance and complete the landing with just the left ski.

Understandably delighted with the landing, Fettner then started to celebrate but it turned out that a little fist pump rather than a terrifying landing would ultimately be the thing that saw him fall on his bottom.

The smile could not be wiped off Fettner's face though as it turned out to be the jump that clinched Austria their fifth successive team title.

If he had fallen at the landing instead of during his celebration, the Austrians would have incurred a penalty, but he held on long off to ensure glory for his country.

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