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  • Will Frank Lampard become the next JK Rowling?

    Frank Lampard (right) and fiancee Christine Bleakley

    Chelsea star Frank Lampard has had football clubs from across the world trying to see if they can sign him when his contract expires in May.

    But it seems that the England midfielder's next career move won't be to Tottenham, LA Galaxy or AC Milan: instead, the 34-year-old will turn his attention to trying to become the next JK Rowling.

    Lamps has signed a deal to write a series of five children's books with London-based publisher Little Brown; the first of the books, 'Frankie Versus the Pirate Pillagers', will be published in June.

    The stories will follow the adventures of a football-loving

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  • Torres finally finds something he’s good at

    The days of Fernando Torres cracking the backs of nets and beating defenders are long gone.

    But at least he can console himself with the knowledge that he's a whizz at cracking eggs and beating cake mix.

    That appears to be the message sent out by the star's appearance in an advert for Chelsea's shirt sponsor broadcast in Thailand.

    The point of the commercial is apparently that you can keep the eggs in the fridge they manufacture prior to using them in cupcakes; though obviously many people claim that eggs are best not kept in the fridge at all, but simply bought regularly and used promptly

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  • Gamers deemed too fast for real-life race

    In 2008 Nissan and Sony PlayStation teamed up with an interesting concept – could expert gamers on the Gran Turismo computer game transform their skills to real life racing?

    After 25,000 applications in 13 countries they invited the best gamers to a ‘GT Academy’ for intensive training and the results proved to be better than anyone expected.

    The programme has already produced drivers such as Spain’s Lucas Ordonez and France’s Jordan Tresson who have both gone on to compete in the 24 hours of Le Mans.

    Last year’s GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough teamed up with a pro driver Alex Buncomb and

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  • Hilarity at hockey as condor breaks free

    File this one under: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    The Bakersfield Condors are an ice hockey team in California that play in the ECHL (think one level below the NHL).

    What better way to get fans in the mood for a big match then by putting a real life condor on a perch at the middle of the ice just as the anthems are being played.

    As condors are the largest flying land birds in the Western Hemisphere, it is no surprise that they need a handler, but things went out of control pretty quickly and pretty hilariously for this poor bird man.

    First he loses control of the condor and the

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  • Mba’s wondergoal wins African Cup of Nations for Nigeria

    Nigeria won the African Cup of Nations thanks to a fabulous goal from Sunday Mba to give the Super Eagles a 1-0 win over Burkina Faso at Soccer City in Johannesburg.

    It was a thoroughly deserved third African crown for Nigeria, who dominated the game throughout and could have had several more goals were it not for some sloppy finishing.

    But Mba's splendid goal - which involved a magnificent bit of ball juggling - proved enough for them, though Burkina Faso leave South Africa with their heads held high after a wonderful run to the final.

    The night belonged to Nigeria, however, with manager

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  • Manchester United crowned champions… by brave bookie

    A leading bookmaker has paid out on Manchester United winning the Premier League with over three months of the season left.

    Paddy Power handed over £500,000 to punters who backed the Reds to win their 20th league title before their game against Everton on Sunday afternoon.

    United led nearest rivals Manchester City by nine points with 13 games to go, prompting the bookie to pay out.

    A Paddy Power spokesman said: "The fat lady might not be singing yet but she’s definitely getting warmed up.

    "We can’t see United letting their lead slip and, with Real Madrid to come midweek, we thought we'd take

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  • Non-league boss wins Aston Martin with goal glut

    After Mansfield's 5-0 win against Dartford last weekend, owner John Radford (pictured above, right) decided to raise the bar.

    He told manager Paul Cox he would buy him an Aston Martin if the team could score five in the first half of their Blue Square Premier game against Barrow.

    Radford's money looked pretty safe, considering the Dartford match was the first time the Stags had hit five in a match all season.

    Goals from Lee Stevenson, two from Matt Green and one from Colin Daniel put Mansfield 4-1 up after half an hour - and Adam Murray found the net two minutes before the break to win the

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  • Six-year-old wins his entire school day off

    Little Blake Harper has become a hero in his school after landing a basketball shot that saw the entire school get a day off.

    The Super Bowl is played in America on a Sunday evening and children traditionally like to stay up late and watch the game and post-match celebrations meaning that school on Monday can be an almighty chore.

    On the Friday before the Super Bowl, Bethesda (Md.) Mater Dei School had a competition to determine whether everyone would have to come to school on Monday.

    First, two older students were given the chance to connect on three-pointers. They missed. Then came young

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  • Sky Sports set to beat BT Vision for Carragher

    Jamie Carragher may be retiring from professional football at the end of the season but he is still very much a wanted man.

    BT Vision, who will be broadcasting 38 games a season for three years starting next August, had hoped to sign up the former centre-back as their main football pundit.

    The soon-to-be-launched service had identified Carragher as the type of player, recently out of the game, who could offer a similar insights to Gary Neville who has been an unqualified success at Sky Sports.

    However, rather than competing against Neville like Carragher did so many times on the pitch, it

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  • Meet the backwards bowling phenomenon

    Meet Jim Cripps – he's pretty good at bowling – he has an average of 184, his high score is 279 and he once bowled 11 strikes in row.

    Oh yeah, and one more thing: he bowls backwards.

    The Tennessee native admits he wasn't up to much on the bowling alley until one day he tried to bowl backwards on a dare.

    He hit a strike the first time he tried it and the rest as they say is history.

    His 279 score saw him go into the Guinness Book of Records - and he is so good he has been made a member of the Professional Bowling Association.

    "I love the sport of bowling and turning around has changed my life

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