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  • Michael Jordan’s 16-year-old basketball shoes have been listed for auction and are expected to sell for at least $80,000 (or £50,000).

    The iconic black-and-red US size 13 Air Jordans, worn while he fired the Chicago Bulls to 1997 NBA glory despite suffering from the flu, have been verified by multiple US auction houses after their owner decided to part ways with the treasured item.

    Jordan had to be helped off the court after his 38-point haul – including a buzzer-beating clincher – led the Bulls to a 90-88 game five win over the Utah Jazz, giving them a 3-2 NBA Finals series lead that would

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  • Magnus Carlsen has everything you might expect of a superstar athlete: a modelling contract, endorsement deals, a dedicated female fan club, a growing bank balance and millions of fans watching his every move.

    But Carlsen is a different kind of sporting celebrity. The 22-year-old from Norway is building his fame and popularity entirely on the brilliance of his own mind rather than physical brawn or dexterity.

    Carlsen is a chess player, but he is not just any chess player. He is, according to statistical computations that determine such things, the best player in the history of the game

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  • Fan sends £40 to NBA star who earns £10.5m a year

    J. R. Smith of the New York Knicks: Now richer by $60 (Photo: Reuters)

    J. R. Smith of the New York Knicks is not exactly short of a few quid. The man voted the NBA's 'Sixth Man of the Year' last season - sort of like being the world's best impact substitute - earns a cool $17 million (or £10.5m) a season for being the team's second-highest scorer.

    That salary got boosted in the most unexpected way, however, as a fan by the name of John Quirie put $60 - that's just under £40 - in the post to his idol.

    The reason? It all boils down to the basketball video game NBA 2K13. We'll let the fan who wrote him the letter explain in his own words with the postscript he

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  • 30 squats accepted payment for Moscow subway ticket

    Everyone knows that the best way to encourage exercise is to provide nice incentives. It is much more likely to have a positive effect than mere persuasion.

    So to promote exercise ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, an amazing new ticket machine has been introduced.

    Installed at the Moscow subway station, the high-tech machine only accepts exercise as currency.

    Riders at the Vystavochnaya station in western Moscow can do 30 squats in two minutes in exchange for a free metro ticket. The one-trip ticket is worth about 30 rubles ($0.92), so that's one ruble per squat.

    There is no way to cheat

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  • Everton forward Steven Naismith says a letter from a British solider in Afghanistan has changed the way he sees life.

    In 2011 the Scotland international, who was playing for Rangers at the time, was in recovery from a serious knee injury when he received a letter from a supporter expressing sympathy with his plight.

    The fan was a soldier serving for the Black Watch 3rd Battalion in Afghanistan – and the context was not lost on Naismith, who was humbled and embarrassed by the experience.

    Naismith replied and later met up with the soldier to express his gratitude.

    “He was basically saying that

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  • The Harlem Globetrotters are known for their outrageous skills with a ball in their hands, but one of their stars nearly suffered serious injury when a trick went too far.

    William 'Bull' Bullard was representing the famous team in an exhibition game at the Nacional de Ingenieros Coliseum in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, during a tour of Central America.

    However, after dunking the ball, he grabbed onto the backboard and brought the structure crashing down around him.

    As the glass smashed and the arena went deathly quiet, medics and officials ran to the aid of Bullard, who suffered a nasty cut to his

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  • Great Britain defeated France in Paris to win the first ever Rugby League World Cup on this day in 1954.

    Captain Dave Valentine’s side of underdogs – since most of his first-picks had chosen to stay at home – unexpectedly beat the host nation 16-12 at Parc des Princes.

    The final, watched by 30,000 mostly Frenchmen, was the culmination of the first world cup in either code of rugby, with union not hosting such a contest until 1987.

    British Pathé coverage shows British tries scored by Warrington’s Albert Naughton and Dave Rose of Leeds – with the second try unconverted - before France replied.

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  • Tyler Bain was paralysed in a car accident when he was just three-years-old but that has not stopped him from being a fully-fledged member of the Pine Tree Junior High American football team.

    So when it was their last game of the season against toughest rivals Mount Pleasant, the incredible youngster decided to do his part to ensure that his team-mates were suitably inspired for the game.

    Since the accident, Tyler had never walked in front of an audience but took the decision a month ago to mark the game by walking on to the field – and head coach Paul Ellsworth named him honorary captain in

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  • Carl Delahunty pictured on Facebook, Mo Farah pictured after winning more gold.

    Carl Delahunty is a music publicist from London who achieved his own slice of fame by earning a mention in athlete Mo Farah's autobiography.

    In the double Olympic gold running machine's book Twin Ambitions, Farah speaks about changing his mobile phone.

    "I'll find out that some random guy ended up with my old phone number," writes Farah. "Every time I do well in a race or I'm in the spotlight, this poor guy's phone explodes with phone calls and text messages."

    Delahunty is the bloke with Farah's old number.


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  • You could own one of the most famous Olympic medals in history, but it will just cost you somewhere in the range of $1 million (£625,000).

    As reported by AFP, one of four gold medals that American Olympic legend Jesse Owens won during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin is being put up for bid by an auction house. SCP Auctions, which is based in Los Angeles, will post the gold medal up between November 20 and December 7, and expect to receive a fee in the of $1 million (£625,000) range due to the item's historical significance.

    The medal’s historical significance cannot be underestimated, Owens

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