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  • "When we go to different countries, we try to follow their rules. We are not trying to set our rules over there. We are just trying to be respectful. We consider ourselves, like normal, standard people, we just live boys with women, girls with boys. It comes from the history. I hope the problem won't ruin our Olympic Games in Sochi." Russian pole vault champion Yelena Isinbayeva prompts outrage with anti-gay rant.

    "It blows my mind that a young, so well-educated woman can be so behind with the times. Guess what Yelena, a large portion of your citizenship are normal, standard homosexuals."
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  • Running at the highest level is incredible technical, but even the top athletes make basic misjudgements that effectively cost them medals.

    Some athletes tense up and fail to relax in the heat of battle, others make sluggish starts or - worse still - bolt from the blocks too early and are disqualified altogether.

    But one of the most agonising sights in the sport remains seeing an athlete dominate a race, put themselves in a perfect position to clinch glory, only to chuck it all away by failing to dip at the line.

    While there is some difficulty in timing the lunge towards the line perfectly,

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  • ‘If I tried for 50 years, it wouldn’t happen again’

    The amazing photo of Usain Bolt by AFP photographer Olivier MorinMichael Johnson said it all: Usain Bolt is so famous that you can become famous just by taking a photograph of him.

    That is exactly what has happened to AFP photographer Olivier Morin, whose stunning image of Usain Bolt after his victory in the men's 100m final in Moscow made almost as many headlines as the race it illustrated.

    Here at Eurosport-Yahoo! we called it "career defining"and ranked it up among the greatest sports photos of all time, while dozens of other media outlets around the world ran similar stories.

    The photographer himself admits to being taken aback by the reaction to his

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  • Female cage-fighter lands 24-second knockout, breaks hand

    Even if women's Mixed Martial Arts bouts fought in cages are not your thing, you would be advised to check this out, provided you're not too faint-hearted.

    After all, it only takes Jinh Yu Frey 24 seconds to knock out Darla Harris in their cage-fighting clash at the Sugar Creek Showdown in Oklahoma.

    It was Yu's second pro fight, but after the pair sized each other up, she was able to knock Harris off balance with a kick to the head before obliterating her with a crunching left.

    The hit was so hard Yu managed to break her hand - check out the Tweets below, which include the x-ray.

    Yu's pro

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  • Spain's international friendly against Ecuador was an emotionally-charged affair, coming only weeks after the South American country's main striker, Christian Benitez, died suddenly at the age of just 27.

    'Chucho', as the diminutive striker was known, was a much-loved figure who played for Birmingham City as well as teams in Mexico and his homeland.

    Chucho had only just moved to Qatar to play for Al-Jaish, but suffered severe stomach pains after a match and later died of cardiac arrest.

    He wore the number 11 jersey - which has since been retired by the Ecuador national team - and, in tribute

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  • Olympic ‘James Bond’ stuntman killed in accident

    Mark Sutton (centre) was part of the Olympic opening ceremony's most notable moment

    The stuntman who played a pivotal role in the stunning London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony as ‘James Bond’ has been killed in a wing-diving accident in the Alps.

    Mark Sutton died after crashing into a ridge near Martingy, at the French-Swiss border, on Wednesday. He was 42.

    Though precise details of the accident remain unclear, reports suggest that Mr. Sutton jumped from a helicopter at the height of 10,800 feet at with the intention of landing near the village of Le Peuty, and was killed immediately.

    Wing-diving sees aerial acrobats use special winged suits to give the impression that they

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  • Only Mario Balotelli granted private time with Pope Francis


    Ahead of Wednesday's friendly between Italy and Argentina dedicated to Buenos Aires-born Pope Francis, the two sides come together to meet the pontiff at the Vatican. But only Mario Balotelli got the chance to speak with him privately.

    From the AP:

    One of Italy's national team members, Mario Balotelli, who is black and has been the target of fans' racism, was the only player to get private time with the pope. Francis and the striker spoke together in a small room off the sumptuous Clementine Hall where the audience was held.

    A Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, said Balotelli looked ''emotional'' after their talk but that the player declined to say what he discussed with Francis. On Monday, Balotelli remarked that perhaps the pope might offer him special greetings because of his birthday this week.

    It's unclear if Pope Francis intended to have this private discussion. According to Football Italia, "Balotelli reportedly got up after the ceremony had concluded and went after the Pope into another room, where they spent several minutes talking privately." So this could have been Mario seizing the moment.

    But what did they discuss that left Balotelli "emotional"? Did the pope bless his new pet pig? Absolve him of that time he threw darts at Man City youth team players? Or maybe they just discussed the upcoming album from Mario's friend Drake. The world may never know.

    As for the other players, Leo Messi and Gigi Buffon presented the pope with a gift that he didn't seem particularly enthused about.

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  • Nice jump…not sure about the celebration

    Chinese high jumper Guowei Zhang cleared 2.29m at the World Championships in Moscow to qualify for the final - and was clearly happy with himself.

    After successfully making his jump, Zhang proceeded to channel his inner Napoleon Dynamite by doing a rubbish little dance and, even worse, tiny somersault, before more terrible dancing - then he topped it all by taking off his shirt.

    The 22-year-old is not exactly chiselled like Ryan Gosling, but seemed more than happy to show off "his guns" to the Russian public.

    It wasn't even a personal best for Zhang – he has jumped 2.31m in the past – so WoS

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  • The amazing photo of Usain Bolt by AFP photographer Olivier MorinUsain Bolt has been almost as famous for his posturing in front of the camera as he has been for his incredible sprinting.

    Yet for all those thousands of poses, the photograph that defines his career has now been taken in the most unguarded of moments by sheer chance.

    French photographer Olivier Morin was covering the 100m final in Moscow for AFP, and captured a magnificent picture of Bolt as his momentum saw him drift round the track following his win on Sunday night.

    Morin snapped a shot that would have been a beautiful photograph on a dark and stormy night no matter what the circumstances.


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  • Manchester United's number seven shirt is the stuff of legend.

    It has adorned the backs of George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, players who were - and indeed continue to be - idolised at Old Trafford.

    But one of the current crop of stars has voluntarily given up the chance of joining that hallowed quintet.

    Antonio Valencia had a brilliant season for United while wearing No.25 in 2011-12. Named the club's player of the year, Sir Alex Ferguson rewarded the Ecuadorian by handing him the number coveted above all others at the club.

    (We'll ignore the fact

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