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  • Cheerleaders ‘not beautiful enough’ says Twenty20 boss

    The man in charge of the cheerleaders at the World Twenty20 cricket tournament in Sri Lanka has admitted the girls are not as "beautiful" as he would have liked.

    Sudev Abeysekarara said that he has done the best he can with the girls at his disposal but that financial concerns have limited the impact he would have liked to have made at the tournament.

    "The dance steps being performed are fine. But the thing is that in an event like this you need good looking girls, and to get the beautiful girls who are professional dancers, you have to pay more. The payment is not that great," he told the

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  • Skateboarder tackled by deer at 45 mph

    The Buffalo Bill Downhill is a treacherous skateboarding race in its third year in Golden, Colorado, and while buffaloes are not considered among the obstacles as skaters charge down a steep mountain road at break-neck speeds, deer ought to be.

    The accompanying footage shows competitor Ryan Vitale racing downhill at 45 mph before being tackled by a deer charging across the road.

    The incident occurred just as Vitale and his fellow competitors were approaching the most daunting feature on the course, a 180-degree turn called "The Gooch." Miraculously, Vitale was uninjured (save for scrapes and

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  • A school in Swindon has gone to the drastic step of demanding all parents get criminal background checks before they can watch their kids play sport.

    The Isambard Community School said they had implemented the measure so that children would be protected from potential paedophiles.

    "It is with regret that from now on we will be unable to accommodate parents wishing to spectate at our sports fixtures unless they are in possession of an up-to-date Swindon Council CRB check," a spokesperson for the school said.

    "At Isambard we take safeguarding very seriously and because of this we are unable to

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  • Hockey player’s celebration goes hilariously wrong

    He may not have invented the jumping-into-the-glass goal celebration, but Washington Capitals captain and Russian superstar Alex Ovechkin has definitely popularised it since he entered the NHL in 2005-06.

    Since then, we've seen that celebration occur at every level of hockey with players sharing their exuberance with both the glass and whoever has seats right in front of that pane.

    And sometimes that celebration goes wrong. Very wrong.

    Just ask Taylor Cox of the New Jersey Junior Titans of the Atlantic Junior Hockey League who in a game against the New Jersey Rockets followed a nice goal with

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  • Fan tries to throttle linesman

    The Ukrainian league was shocked on Saturday when a fan leapt from the crowd and attempted to choke a linesman.

    The incident happened during Chernomorets Odessa's 1-1 draw against Metalist Kharkiv.

    The referee and his assistant went to the technical area to talk to Chernomorets coach Roman Grigorchuk, who was upset by the award of a corner against his side.

    The assailant then sprinted onto the pitch and grabbed the linesman round the neck.

    Stewards and riot police quickly wrestled the man to the floor, but he continued to struggle violently as he was led off the pitch.

    Despite the disturbing

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  • 100-year-old cyclist rides 100km

    A French centenarian became the fastest cyclist of his age when he covered 100 km (62 miles) at an average speed of just over 23 km/h (14.3mph).

    Robert Marchand, a former fireman and boxing enthusiast from Paris, who will celebrate his 101st birthday in November, had been training every day for months to cross the finish line in under five hours.

    "I did better than expected," he said at the velodrome in Lyon, southeast France, where he completed the 300 laps in 4 hours, 17 minutes, 27 seconds, averaging 23.305 km/h.

    Marchand's uncommon vitality has piqued the interest of scientists at the

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    "Everyone always says 'you didn't get enough goals, you didn't get enough goals.' But I'll get my fair share of goals, plus I will help produce a lot of goals. That was one of the main things that I do." - Emile Heskey raises expectations after Newcastle Jets sell out their first batch of 'Heskey 9' shirts.

    "When I came here, I didn't know much about Australian football. Then a couple of weeks ago, Del Piero signed [with Sydney FC] and everyone from Switzerland, my family and friends, all texted me saying how great it was. Now Emile Heskey is coming to play with me and my team.

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  • Is this the worst bit of playacting ever?

    Nasty off-the-ball challenges are one thing, and diving is quite another - but it takes something else to manage to do both at the same time.

    Step forward Atletico-MG defender Rever!

    In the 70th minute of his team's Brazilian League match against Flamengo, Rever decided to smash his hand into the face of Victor Caceres, seemingly without provocation, with his team trailing 2-1.

    However, it was the way he tried to protest his innocence that was completely bizarre as he collapsed to the ground as if it was HE who had been smacked.

    The trick didn't work as Rever was sent off, but Caceres was

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  • Greek football team to be sponsored by brothel

    It has been well-documented over the last few years that the Greek economy is not exactly in the best shape.

    Therefore it is understandably difficult for football clubs to ink sponsorship deals - but one team have come up with a novel, if somewhat ethically questionable, solution.

    Voukefala, from the city of Larissa, have confirmed that the name of a local brothel will appear on their shirts as part of a new corporate arrangement.

    "When we announced to the players that our sponsor would be a brothel, they wanted to know about bonuses," the club's president Giannis Batziolas joked on NovaSport

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  • Australian team sells out of Emile Heskey shirts

    Fans of Australian side Newcastle Jets are so excited about the signing of new striker Emile Heskey that they have sold out of replica shirts.

    The former England international was a free-agent after being released by Aston Villa in the summer and the 34-year-old has decided to relaunch his career Down Under.

    Despite not even arriving at the New South Wales club yet, fans have quickly snapped up his number nine replica shirt and the club have been forced to order 5,000 more shirts after their initial stock sold-out, according to Foxsports.

    What's more, Heskey's signing has created such a buzz

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