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  • Frisbee trick shot master takes his insane skills to China

    Frisbee trick shot master Brodie Smith has become a YouTube sensation thanks to his unbelievable skills with the disc.

    A three-time national champion in Ultimate Frisbee, Smith is also a Guinness World Record Holder and one of the most explosive talents on the scene.

    Now he has exported his unique brand of trick shots to China, where Smith has been wowing the locals with exhibitions of his skills.

    The biggest recommendation we can give this video is that Smith is so good, you wonder if some of his shots can be real...

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  • The international stars picked in the NFL Draft

    The global spread of American football has been a slow process. There are a sprinkling of foreign-born players in the NFL but, more than America's other major professional sports, it is a game which relies almost entirely on home-bred players.

    But on Thursday, on the opening day of the annual draft where teams go searching for the players they hope will win them a Super Bowl, there was a small sea change that offered a fresh insight into the changing face of the game.

    Three players, one from west Africa, one from Europe and another from the Southern Pacific Ocean, were among the 32

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  • Fisher’s meteoric rise to become NFL draft top pick

    The Kansas City Chiefs opened the 2013 NFL Draft by selecting offensive tackle Eric Fisher of Central Michigan as the number one overall pick, establishing a trend at the top of the draft.

    The 6-foot 7-inch, 306-pound Fisher became the first offensive tackle to go number one since Jake Long was chosen by the Miami Dolphins in 2008 and only the fourth tackle ever taken first.

    Fisher added his name to a select list that also included Orlando Pace (1999 St. Louis) and Ron Yary (1968 Minnesota), the only other offensive tackles named as the top overall picks.

    "This is so surreal. This is a dream

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  • Two crazy gaffes in one snooker match at the Crucible

    They say that the World Championship at the Crucible is the ultimate 'marathon of the mind', and officials and players alike struggled to keep their heads in a gaffe-strewn match on Thursday.

    Even referee Michaela Tabb lost her composure after she picked up the white cue ball, mistaking it for the black, and proceeded to place it on the pink spot - much to the amusement of some of the crowd.

    Tabb, who also inexplicably decided to leave the blue off the table at the start of a frame during the match, hastily worked out with the help of TV commentators and the players where to put the cue ball

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  • It just isn’t a good time to be a Blackburn Rovers fan.

    Aside from the Premier League relegation, a flirtation with a second straight drop to League One (which still isn’t mathematically over), countless gripes with owners Venky’s and all the chicken jokes that come with it, two recent developments have only served to heap further misery on Ewood Park diehards.

    And both come from two of this week’s biggest success stories in football.

    Firstly, Manchester United – whom Blackburn pipped to the post for Premier League glory in 1995 – sealed their 20th top flight success on Monday. Among the

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  • The NFL draft – what to look out for

    A bevy of beefy linemen are expected to command the spotlight usually reserved for quarterbacks when the NFL Draft kicks off with first-round selections.

    At the annual NFL Draft, the cornerstone of building winning teams in the enormously popular professional league, the last four No. 1 picks, and 12 of the last 15, have been quarterbacks.

    Names that resonate with NFL fans such as Peyton Manning (1998), his brother Eli (2004), and last year's one-two punch of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, have underlined the crucial role a top-flight quarterback means to a winning team.

    But a less than

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  • Boston Magazine’s inspirational front cover

    The devastating attacks on the Boston Marathon caused great pain in the city, but also sparked some wonderful, human stories of courage and spirit.

    Boston Magazine, which has been covering life in the city for more than 40 years, has captured that elegantly in their latest issue, putting together a memorable front cover.

    Running shoes have been arranged to form the outline of a heart, with a rainbow of colour around the edge.

    In the middle, the headline reads: 'We will finish the race'.

    It evokes the story of Bill Iffrig, the 78-year-old who was knocked down as one of the bombs went off close

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  • Reds starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo has been feeding his loyal fans for free (Reuters/Facebook)

    A Cincinnati restaurant chain is paying the price for the success of its local MLB franchise, but do not regret their costly promotion at all.

    LaRosa’s Pizzerias began a deal where ticket-buying fans of the Cincinnati Reds can redeem their stubs for a free pizza whenever the side strikes out at least 11 opposing hitters.

    The prize for fans is an eight-inch pizza with four toppings of their choice – a tasty snack which retails at around £4.40 – and they have a week following any given home game which meets the criteria to prove they were there and claim their free food.

    Recently Cincinnati

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  • (NB Video has no sound)

    Northern Ireland's Gareth Maybin has always been one of the nearly men of British golf.

    The 32-year-old has 11 top-10 finishes to his name on the European Tour since turning pro in 2005, though he's as yet been unable to make the breakthrough into the winners' circle.

    Yet if he fails to make it as a touring professional, it seems that an alternate career as a trick shot artist would be his for the taking. He has just shown off his skills in a new online video, in which he hits balls that he has been juggling on his feet, tees off from the mouth of a willing (and very

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  • RVP and RVP. Really not that hard to tell the difference.

    A 52-year-old IT consultant from India has been deluged with messages on Twitter congratulating him for the key role he played in guiding Manchester United to the Premier League title.

    But this is not some unsung back-room hero whose logarithms have informed Alex Ferguson's tactical decisions, or a number-cruncher who texts the coaches on the bench to tell them when it's the perfect scientific moment to make a substitution.

    Nope. It's just a bloke who happens to have the initials RVP.

    Ravi Visvesvaraya Prasad - you can see why he shortens his handle to RVP - has been the recipient of

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