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  • Korean presenters can’t hide laughter at Suarez bite

    Luis Suarez's already infamous bite of Branislav Ivanovic was met with condemnation across the global – except it would seem in South Korea.

    These two presenters could not hold in their laughter when reporting the incident live on television.

    The pair suffered a serious case of the giggles but luckily for them they were saved by an ad break.

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  • Coach gets new contract despite rape case

    The coach of a high school American Football team has been given a new contract, despite overseeing a culture that resulted in two of his players convicted for raping a 16-year-old.

    Reno Saccoccia of the now infamous Steubenville High School was given a two-year deal even though star players Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond were convicted of raping their unnamed classmate.

    The girl was deemed too intoxicated to have given consent, but the untouchable status afforded to the players meant they acted with apparent impunity, even photographing their unconscious ‘conquest’, photos which were used in

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  • Neymar’s ridiculous new watch

    (pic. by Marcio Iannacca)Now that Neymar has a second income from his other career as a comic book star, he has decided to treat himself to a watch of some magnitude.

    When arriving at Belo Horizonte for Brazil duty, assorted reporters and PR types noticed this giant rock of a watch on his wrist.

    Encrusted in diamonds, featuring the Brazilian flag and his initials (which are almost as big as the watch face itself), Neymar can use it for a workout tool as well as a timepiece.

    Garish, lavish, overpriced and frankly a bit tacky - and we haven't even got to the watch yet...

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  • Tyson explains interest in fellow biter Suarez


    In the immediate aftermath of Luis Suarez biting Branislav Ivanovic's arm during Liverpool's match against Chelsea on Sunday, the cosmos aligned when Mike Tyson began following Suarez on Twitter. Tyson became the world's most famous professional athlete to have bitten an opponent when he took a chunk off Evander Holyfield's ear during a match in 1997 and though Suarez has now done it twice, he probably still retains that title.

    So how did this widely publicized bit of Internet perfection come about? Tyson was asked about it on North Carolina sports talk radio's The David Glenn Show. Said

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  • Now they really can ‘park the bus’

    Krohnborg's pitch (Magne Turoy,

    A football team in Norway got a nasty shock when they returned for pre-season training after the winter break.

    Amateur side Ny Krohnborg IL arrived to find a road had been built over their pitch.

    During the winter break, workers laid a thoroughfare to a new psychiatric hospital at Helse Bergen Unitversity, running roughshod over Krohnborg's articificial turf.

    Krohnborg chairman Radney Thomsen said: "We were quite shocked when we discovered that the path had been laid. The start of the season is just around the corner, but no one told us. We feel simply run over."

    Incredibly, the same thing

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  • Fan gets terrible tattoo of basketball star

    Here at World of Sport we have seen all kinds of wacky tales over the years, but this might just be one of the craziest.

    Because a random punter has decided to get a tattoo of Chicago Bulls point guard Nate Robinson across a sizeable expanse of his back - and it isn't the most artful effort.

    A few weeks ago, Ivan Garcia tracked down his hero on Twitter and asked: "If I get a tattoo of your photo, send me your shirt?"

    The fan did not get a response to his question, but that, it seems, did not in any way deter him from holding up his end of the bargain in pursuit of his dreams. Yes: he went and

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  • Evra mocks Suarez with arm bite celebration

    What better way to celebrate a historic 20th league title than grabbing a fake dismembered arm and pretending to take a great big bite out of it?

    That was how Manchester United's Patrice Evra marked a 3-0 win over Aston Villa on Monday night that ensured Sir Alex Ferguson's side had dethroned Manchester City to be crowned champions of England.

    The none-too-subtle gesture was obviously a jibe at Evra's enemy, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, who on Sunday caused widespread disgust in the football world for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic on the arm.

    Incredibly, that was not the most

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  • FIFA has confirmed that the Twitter accounts of president Sepp Blatter and the World Cup team were hacked, with a series of controversial messages left on both.

    The co-ordinated hacking affected the @SeppBlatter and the @FifaWorldCup accounts, with messages suggesting the decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar had been corrupted.

    While the @FifaWorldCup account carried tweets suggesting Blatter was to stand down following corruption charges, the @SeppBlatter account 'responded' with messages purporting to be Blatter defending himself.

    A FIFA statement said: "We can confirm that some of

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  • Player chases and attacks referee after decision

    Pieter Rumaropen left everyone shocked and stunned as he chased and struck a referee in the face during a clash between Pelita Bandung and Raya Persiwa.

    The two sides, competing in the Indonesia Super League, saw their match blighted by the scandalous incident as Rumaropen inexplicably punched the referee from behind.

    The poor official was knocked down by the blow, with blood down his shirt. The disgraceful act overshadowed the match, which was stopped as the referee received treatment.

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  • Ibrahimovic kissed by opponent during PSG match

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a very popular man, an idol to many. But for one opposing player it all became too much as he took to kissing the Swede during a Ligue 1 match.

    Nice defender Renato Civelli planted a smacker on Ibrahimovic's cheek after the pair had repeatedly tussled, with the forward receiving a yellow card for reacting to the kiss.

    While he was punished for shoving the Argentine, Ibrahimovic did appear to find the whole incident funny, looking utterly stunned by the pecker on the neck.

    Still, now every defender in the world knows how to provoke the PSG forward - just give him a kiss...

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