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  • Radamel Falcao

    Monaco's £53 million signing Radamel Falcao probably thought he was having a pretty bad day on Monday when his debut for his new club ended in farce.

    The former Atletico Madrid hotshot was booked for a string of rash challenges in the friendly against Augsburg, kicked the ball into the crowd in fury, and was hauled off at half-time by manager Claudio Ranieri.

    But if he thought it couldn't get much worse, he was wrong. At the same time as he was on the pitch, reports from his native Colombia emerged claiming that he has been lying about his age for years.

    TV news station Noticias Uno have

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  • Aston Villa claim royal baby as newest fan of the club

    Aston Villa enjoyed many years of glory in the 1970s and 80s, but successes have been thin on the ground for the Midlands side of late.

    But that's not stopped Villa from claiming the coup every club in the country wanted: the football loyalty of the newest member of the royal family.

    Within hours of the birth of Will and Kate's son, the club apparently sent a delightful mini-Villa strip to the happy couple and their brand new puking, pooing, noise-and-sleepless-night machine.

    (Yes, that army of nannies and wet nurses will have its work cut out looking after the little one.)

    Anyway, it's

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  • Royal baby given breaking news treatment by… Sky Sports!?

    While World of Sport's mission statement is very much self-explanatory, covering the wide world of sport and its many events, there is of course a larger universe of non-sports-related news out there, too.

    The current hot topic outside of sport is the Duchess of Cambridge going into labour. But when news broke on Monday of her and Prince William welcoming a baby boy into the world, it was deemed by one particular sports media source as worthy of coverage.

    OK, we get it. It's a quiet sports news day after an exhausting weekend of major events and British success.

    But this!?


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  • South Korean goalkeeper ‘does a Paul Robinson’

    Though freak goals scored by a goalkeeper making a clearance from his own end of the pitch aren’t unheard of (remember Paul Robinson for Tottenham v Watford many moons ago?), they never, ever, get dull.

    The latest entry into the sub-genre came on Sunday from South Korea’s K-League.

    With five minutes remaining before half-time, Incheon United keeper Jung-Hyuk Kwon launched the ball forward from just outside his own box in the K-League Classic contest against Juju United.

    The 34-year-old could not believe his eyes when the ball bounced just outside the opposite penalty box, over opposite number

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  • Antonio Morrison, Florida's starting middle linebacker, was arrested in June for punching a bouncer at a club and shouting "I am Antonio!". Surely, Morrison would just rely on the legal wizardry of defense attorney Huntley Johnsonand be on his best behavior all summer.

    Not quite.

    On Sunday morning Morrison, 19, was arrested for barking at a police dog. For real. That's a

    (Alachua County Jail)


    According to the police report, Morrison was a bystander outside a late-night Gainesville club when police responded to a disturbance at 4:15 a.m. Sunday morning. As the officers were making arrests, Morrison

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  • Baseball player gets taken out by skydiver

    Baseball is a tough enough game without having to dodge skydivers. Just ask Mattingly Romanin, an infielder from Chicago State University, who is currently playing for the Missouri summer league's Hannibal Cavemen.

    In a stunt gone hilariously wrong during a pre-game ceremony on Saturday, Romanin had to try dodging one of those wayward skydivers, and he was unable to get out of the way in time.

    As you see in the video, Romanin and his teammates appear to be wrapping up some pregame work and perhaps preparing for the National Anthem when the diver approaches the second base bag at a high rate

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  • Badminton brawl leaves Olympian needing stitches

    Two Thai players who competed together in badminton doubles at London 2012 had a full-blown dust-up on court in Vancouver on Sunday.

    Bodin Issara and Maneepong Jongjit fell out earlier this year and stopped playing together – and the feud erupted into an all-out scrap when they met with new partners in the final of the Canada Open.

    The amazing video above shows Issara chasing Jongjit on to another adjacent court and decking him with punches before launching a kick at the prone player.

    He is then dragged away, minus his shirt, leaving Jongjit needing two stitches to his ear.

    Both teams were

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  • USA star Landon Donovan sports sunglasses during match

    Landon Donovan sports the shades on the field (Getty)

    The large El Salvador contingent in attendance at their Gold Cup quarter-final against the United States in Baltimore made their presence known throughout the match, making noise and throwing whatever they could onto the pitch when an opposing player would attempt to take a corner kick.

    Landon Donovan experienced this with the US up 5-1 in the 87th minute. And he responded with an impromptu homage to CSI: Miami's David Caruso.

    As he prepared to take a corner kick in front of the opposing supporters, plastic cups and other items rained down (along with the actual rain, which was happening at

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  • Here’s Steven Gerrard making an Indonesian girl cry

    As a living Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard must know what it is like to be revered, but the reaction to him on the club's tour of the Far East might have been a new one even for him.

    More Beatle than dynamic central midfielder, Gerrard was walking through a crowd of people in Jakarta when one fan broke down in tears at being close to the player.

    Having shouted 'Gerrard, I love you', the England captain managed a polite smile - enough for the joyous waterworks to start.

    Liverpool went on to win their match against an Indonesia XI 2-0, with Gerrard starting for the Reds as he looks to return

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  • WWE results ‘being leaked on the internet’

    The Rock in action (Imago)

    Spoiler: pro wrestling is fake!

    Well, not fake, exactly. Men (and some women) are throwing one another around for real every week, and it for-real hurts. But pro wrestling is indeed predetermined, and we're not telling you anything you don't already know. Wrestling isn't about real competition, it's about spectacle and storytelling. (In other words, another spoiler: the ending of every movie you see this summer is also predetermined before you walk into the theater.) The art is in the showmanship, the performance of the story.

    But what happens if we already know what's going to happen? That

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