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  • The son of Argentine star Diego Simeone has been subjected to an embarrassing initiation by his club River Plate.

    Highly-rated Argentina youth striker Giovanni, 18, signed his first senior contract with River this week and was made to shave his head into a bizarre shape.

    The front and back starts like a classic skinhead, but the sides have been left at full length, making him look like a balding middle-aged man preparing for the dreaded comb-over.

    Even worse though is the tuft at the crown, resembling a mini-ponytail that should only be sported by a sumo wrestler.

    It remains to be seen how his dad

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  • Shocking judging exposed in rhythmic gymnastics

    There are sophisticated cheating scandals, and then there's the one currently consuming the world of rhythmic gymnastics.

    The New York Times is reporting on a scandal that's consuming more than 60 individuals all across the judging ranks of rhythmic gymnastics, including both hopefuls seeking to become judges and proctors administering their tests. There is, however, no indication that the cheating in any way affected actual competition, but rather affected people hoping to become judges for events such as the 2016 Summer Olympics.

    The International Gymnastics Foundation, or FIG, compiled

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  • Newly-signed Atalanta midfielder Giulio Migliaccio is already in trouble with the Italian football federation after riding in a tank (yes, a tank) that was driven over cars decorated to represent rival clubs Roma and Brescia at a supporters festival.

    The incident is shown in the video above.

    He says: ''I only realized when the tank was going over them, and since I could not see because I was high up and at the back, I did not know that they had the symbols of two football clubs on them.''

    He says ''even as an unaware protagonist, I'm very sorry for the incident.''

    Migliaccio signed from

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  • These Chinese dance students have produced a remarkable ballet gymnastics display.

    The Asian powerhouse is renowned for its impeccably-prepared gymnasts and synchronised swimmers, but these girls have taken it to a whole new level with this incredible ballet-meets-gymnastics routine.

    What starts out as a standard display of dance soon takes on a more extreme tack as they bend and contort their bodies into anatomy-defying shapes - all in perfect unison.

    Some of the moves are eye-watering and could surely only be performed by hyper-mobile athletes trained from childhood.

    And that is exactly why

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  • Another day, another kick to the face. This time, defender Bruno Perone of Brazilian Serie B side Icasa went for a head-high ball with a flying kick, turning his foot into a battering ram that connected with the face of Oeste player Jheymy.

    Perone was shown a red card and the unconscious victim was loaded into an ambulance an taken to a hospital.

    Once there, Jheymy was treated for four facial fractures and required stitches for a large gash on his cheek. Here's what his face looked like after getting patched up:


    Story - image - Ole

    Oeste's team doctor told Ole that they will operate once

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  • Baseball pitcher makes outrageous catch

    As if playing for a team called the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters was not cool enough, Bobby Keppel pulled off this amazing behind-the-back grab.

    The American, who has played for the Kansas City Royals and the Minnesota Twins, did not release the greatest pitch as the Seibu Lions slugger made clean contact.

    But Keppel's response was astounding, showing incredible reflexes to take a one-handed snap catch behind his back. Even he seems impressed by his own skill.

    Unfortunately for him, his team lost, but Keppel will keep this one for the showreel.

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  • Arsenal's preseason tour has taken them to Vietnam, where one dedicated (and exceptionally fit) supporter proved his commitment to the team by chasing their bus through the streets of Hanoi like the T-1000 chasing John Connor.

    Of course, many other fans in many other places have chased the bus before, but this guy was relentless. When it became clear that he wasn't giving up, the players started chanting "sign him up, sign him up."

    Eventually, the running fan kept his pursuit going by hitching a ride on the back of a motorbike, prompting the players to cheer his resourcefulness. At that

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  • What would working in an office with Luis Suarez be like?

    Luis Suarez's unsavoury behaviour on the pitch is often defended with praise for his fierce competitive spirit and in a new ad for Uruguayan company Abitab, we get to see how that would translate to working in an office.

    Suarez torments his new co-workers throughout the ad — kicking photocopiers and diving to the ground when touched. He also blows out a young colleague's birthday candles.

    The ad, however, does not show any racial abuse or repeated biting of other human beings. Perhaps they're saving that for the director's cut.

    As enjoyable as it is, getting paid to make fun of his lesser

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  • ‘The world’s toughest foot race’ – in pictures

    The Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley bills itself as 'the world’s toughest foot race' – but the photos are awe-inspiring.

    The desert race is 135 miles long, in the Death Valley National Park, California. That is roughly the equivalent of just over five regular marathons, in the desert.

    It starts in the infamous Death Valley, finishes at Mount Whitney - around 8000ft above sea level and is run over as much time as you need.

    The men's record is 22 hours and 51 minutes, the women's 26 hours and 16 minutes, although most manage it in a 2-3 days. If they finish, that is - usually around a

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  • A Daily Mail article championing men to play as goalkeepers in women’s football has generated a huge reaction on Twitter.

    The article, penned by TalkSPORT presenter Adrian Durham, suggests that the women’s game is so poor that only by adding men to the mix could it be developed.

    Unsurprisingly, it has become a big debate – some discussing the quality of women’s football as a whole, but many furious that the views simply stray into sexist territory.

    “My talkSPORT colleague Andy Jacobs read my mind when he suggested on air this week that women’s football teams should have male goalkeepers,”

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