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  • Is this the best penalty ever?

    Quite possibly. Spain U19 star Ezequiel
    Calvente shows just how it should be done by scoring an audacious 'switch-hit'
    penalty against Italy at the U19 European Championships in France.

    The Real Betis midfielder beats the Italian
    keeper with ease after running up to seemingly hit the spot kick with his right
    foot only to surprise everyone by hitting with his left.

    It's a new technique that has never really
    been seen at the top level before - perhaps it will catch on for the start of
    the new season?

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  • Goalkeeping’s most premature celebration

    It is often said of goalkeepers that they have nothing to lose in a penalty shoot-out. Tell that to Khalid El Askri.

    The Moroccan was between the sticks for FAR Rabat who were in action at MAS Fes in the last 16 of the Moroccan Coupe du Trone.

    The game finished 1-1 and, after 30 minutes of extra time, it went down to penalties.

    In the penalty shoot-out, El Askri stepped up to make a critical early save from Fes man Driss Belaamri.

    So happy was the stopper that he started beating his chest and, celebrating with his fans, kissing the club badge. The crowd, however, could see what El Askri had

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  • Iran threatens Olympic boycott over logo design

    Iran has threatened to boycott the London 2012 Olympics unless
    organisers agree to change the design of the logo.

    The Iranian government has lodged a formal protest with the
    International Olympic Committee over the four-year-old logo, claiming that it must be changed since it
    spells out the word 'Zion'.

    And the Middle Eastern nation has warned that it will order
    its athletes to stay at home next summer unless the logo is replaced and its
    creators asked to explain themselves.

    "As internet documents have proved, using the word Zion
    in the logo of the 2012 Olympic Games is a disgracing action and

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  • Team praised for letting opponents score

    Boreham Wood FC have been praised for their immaculate sportsmanship after allowing an opposing team to score against them during a league match.

    The Blue Square South team were playing away to Havant on Saturday when with nine minutes left the home side kicked the ball off the field so Boreham Wood's injured player Sam Pearce could receive treatment.

    The Wood's Mario Noto received the ball from the resulting throw-in and kicked it back to the opposing goalkeeper from around the halfway line.

    But there was a problem: Noto made contact a little too well, and his 'pass-back' flew straight into

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  • Marathon runner recovers from blooper

    Japanese runner Natsuki Terada made an unbelievable mistake in the final stages of the Tokyo-Hakone relay marathon.

    With less than 200 metres left in the two-day marathon competed between
    Japanese universities, Terada was in eighth place with four runners contesting the three spots that would secure entry for next year.

    But after 14 miles of torture and with the finish line only
    strides away, he took a wrong turn!

    Terada turned right instead of running straight ahead to the
    finish line but after being put back on track by the desperate attempts of an official in a white lab
    coat, he

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  • Marathon man sacked for not raising enough

    A charity worker who "crawled" the London marathon dressed as a snail has been sacked because the marathon ended up costing him more than the donations he received.

    Lloyd Scott, who has collected more than £5 million in charity since recovering from leukaemia 20 years ago, is famed for his wacky stunts for charity, but his plan to compete in the marathon dressed as Brian the Snail from the Magic Roundabout backfired due to a lack of donations.

    Scott, 49, took a month to compete the marathon for disabled children's charity Action For Kids, as he pulled himself and his heavy costume along on a

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  • Teenage runner’s amazing act of courage

    A 16-year-old American runner showed remarkable courage to crawl over the finishing line and win her school a championship despite collapsing near the finishing line.

    Holland Reynolds, representing the University High School in California, was clearly struggling as she entered the home stretch and then just before she reached the line she fell to the ground.

    She managed to drag her body over the line, however, to finish in 37th place - which was good enough for her team to win the California State Championship.

    Reynolds, who fully recovered from the incident said afterwards: "I was going to

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  • Tabloid newspaper’s Giggs obsession

    Daily Star readers could have been forgiven for thinking it
    was Groundhog Day this morning when they saw the tabloid newspaper's 13th
    consecutive front page story about Ryan Giggs.

    The Manchester United star has attracted widespread media
    attention after an MP named him as the footballer at the centre of a court
    injunction over an alleged affair.

    But the Star has taken its obsession to extremes, publishing
    a succession of stories about the Welshman four weeks after his identity was

    Monday's effort reads: 'GIGGS' LOVER IN SEX ROMP REVENGE - RYAN
    Giggs's sister-in-law lover will romp

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  • Player booked for diving had suffered heart attack

    A Croatian footballer booked for diving had actually dropped
    dead of a heart attack.

    Goran Tunjic, a 32-year-old defender playing for the Mladost
    FC, collapsed in the 35th minute of the County League match against Hrvatski
    Sokola, prompting the referee to approach the player with yellow card in his

    Tragically, however, the player had suffered a fatal heart attack.

    The official quickly realised what had happened and called
    for medical aid, but Tunjic died despite being rushed to a nearby hospital.

    "Doctors tried to help him but there was nothing they
    could do," a club spokesman said of

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  • Snowboarder rides avalanche to cheat death

    New Zealand's top snowboarder Maria Kuzma escaped with her
    life when she was caught up in an avalanche in Switzerland.

    The 25-year-old - currently ranked fourth in the 2011 season
    standings - was snowboarding off-piste in Verbier during last week's event when
    an avalanche started beneath her.

    At first she was caught up in the flow of thousands of tons
    of snow, but she somehow managed to get back upright and ride her way down to safety.

    Watch the video:

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