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  • After 71 days on the road 24-year-old Paralympian Ryan Chalmers has complete a 3,000-mile journey across America.

    Chalmers went from Los Angeles to New York by wheelchair, finishing in Central Park on Saturday, hoping to inspire others with disabilities.

    "I didn't even know how far across the country is. I didn't think too much about it at all," Chalmers told the Guardian. "I just knew I wanted to make a difference and that's the perfect way to do it."

    Completing around 50 miles a day, Chalmers crossed 14 states on the coast-to-coast epic, before being welcomed to the finish by cheers.


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  • ‘Vladimir Putin stole my Super Bowl ring’

    Image - Robert Kraft shakes hands with Vladimir Putin (AFP)

    The Super Bowl ring is one of the greatest symbols of athletic triumph.

    NFL players have been known to break down when they can finally fit that particular bit of jewelry on their fingers, and I've met enough former players, coaches, and executives who would never be separated from their rings to know that the buzz lasts forever.

    New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has three such rings from his team's wins in 2001, 2003 and 2004. The ring Kraft won for that last Super Bowl, at the end of the 2004 season, went missing in a very

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  • Nobody can stop this air hockey robot

    Researchers at the Chiba University in Japan's Namiki Lab have created a robot who will beat you at air hockey.

    Not only is it programmed to block whatever challenges you throw its way - it can also change its style of play according to your strategy in attack.

    In short, you haven't got a chance - but in full, here is the more scientific explanation from IEEE Spectrum:

    The robot is tracking the game at an insanely fast rate of 500 frames per second. Which means that, from the robot's point of view, its human opponent is moving at a laughably slow pace. It's like the robot is playing the game

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  • Zimbabwe may field two goalkeepers in World Cup qualifier

    Goalkeeper Washington Arubi could end up pulling a 'David James' due to a lack of flight tickets for Zimbabwe players

    Cash-strapped Zimbabwe may have to field two goalkeepers in their 2014 World Cup qualifier against Guinea in Conakry on Sunday.

    A late flight booking by the financially-troubled Zimbabwe Football Association  meant only 14 seats could be found on the connecting flight from Dakar in Senegal to Conakry for the original travelling party of 25.

    German coach Klaus Dieter Pagels and the team doctor set off, along with a squad of 12 players that included goalkeepers Washington Arubi and Maxwell Nyamupangedengu.

    Zimbabwe media reported on Saturday that one of the outfield players, who was not
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  • As Manuel Pellegrini was finally confirmed as Manchester City's new boss, the club website made an unfortunate blunder by misspelling his name.

    The Chilean was dubbed online as Manuel Pelligrini in a feature on his backroom staff, and Twitter was immediately lit up with people sharing and spreading the mistake.

    "Funny to see Manchester City spell Pellegrini's name wrong on their website," observed Irish football journalist Kevin Palmer, "As if they haven't known he was coming for the last six weeks!"

    City swiftly corrected the mistake, but some wondered whether Pep Guardiola would have got

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  • Barcelona youth star scores from halfway line

    Barcelona’s future continues to look bright thanks to their world-famous academy – and here we present to you the latest exhibit of evidence.

    Barca’s Juvenil B side’s comfortable 3-1 Campionat Catalunya over Damm was highlighted by a fantastic goal from the halfway line by defender Carlos Blanco.

    Sit back and enjoy this excellent display of clinical vision which proves that when it comes to any Barcelona side, you just don’t know where – or who – the next goal will come from.

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  • Who would be a goalkeeper nowadays? A winger can make dozens of errors without costing his team anything, but every action of a keeper comes under scrutiny as it can lead to a goal.

    High-quality video replays, youtube and social networking all intensify the magnifying glass placed on the last line of defence, and you need an incredibly thick skin to deflect the disproportionate criticism that comes your way.

    One thing in particular has made life even harder for keepers, and that is meddling with the thing they have to catch – the football.

    Just take a look at this frankly ridiculous goal by

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  • I struck Joe Root in the face and I'm here to apologise to Joe and own up to it. I'm extremely remorseful. I have let my team-mates, Cricket Australia, the fans, myself and my family down. I have accepted the punishment that has been handed down and I'm accountable for my actions. Since then I have exchanged text messages with Joe. He accepted my apology which I am thoroughly grateful for" – Australia bad-boy David Warner mans up and takes it on the chin (ho ho) after being punished for aiming a jab at little Joe Root.

    "David Warner has done a despicable thing but I also hold the team to

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  • Meet David Luiz’s frankly ridiculous doppelganger

    Photo from the Galícia website

    You might recognise the guy on the right – that's David Luiz who is a Brazilian footballer with long curly hair who plays the position of defender.

    You might not know the guy on the left – but that's Davi Luis who is a Brazilian footballer with long curly hair who plays the position of defender.


    The amazing doppelganger spot was made by Brazilian website Globoesporte.

    Luiz is a Premier League star with Chelsea of course but his almost-namesake look-a-like is not quite playing at the same level.

    Instead he plies his trade for Galicia in the second division of Brazil's Bahia region.

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  • Fighter spews his guts during post-victory interview

    Making his MMA debut in his 30s with a small organisation, Cliff Thompson did not seem destined for instant fame within the sport.

    Thanks to an embarrassing incident after his second professional bout, unfortunately for him, he is now an internet celebrity.

    Thompson won a three-round fight on Wild Bill’s Fight Night 57 at the weekend, though it’s the post-fight interview which garnered mass attention – as you can see above.

    Interviewer George Kennebrew, lavishing Thompson’s performance with praise and labelling the bout a ‘fabulous war’.

    But when he asked the winner for his thoughts on the

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