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    "I still expect him to break my record. I think he's just too talented, too driven and too focused on that … Still, he's got to do it." – Jack Nicklaus expects Tiger Woods to break his record of 18 golfing Majors.

    “You had a year to decide on grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, macaroni & cheese!” – Nick Faldo is somewhat snobbish over Bubba Watson’s menu choice for the 2013 Masters Champions Dinner.

    “If I had any advice for him, just enjoy it. You're playing in the Masters at 14; I mean, he could potentially play, I don't know, 60 Masters.” – Rory McIlroy feels 14-year-old

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  • Five-year-old Messi just as amazing as 25-year-old Messi

    When this video came across World of Sport's desk, all we could think was, "Woah, that little kid is like a miniature Messi!"

    Well, maybe not our first thought: that was actually, "cripes, the quality on this video is awful."

    But there's a very good reason for the video quality being so poor: this is 20-year-old footage from a VHS camcorder that has emerged showing the teeny tot version of Lionel Messi in full flow.

    It's incredible to see that he makes a mockery of his opponent in almost the exact same unplayable manner as he does these days.

    And if you've got kids of a similar and have

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  • This Ronaldinho fan has WAY too much time on his hands

    We at World of Sport love Ronaldinho, we really do.

    Sure, it stung a bit when he pulled off that amazing free kick to bury England's hopes in the 2002 World Cup quarter-finals. But all the stuff with Barcelona? Picking up Liga titles and Champions Leagues, dancing around his opponents with Samba flair all the while? Brilliant.

    And the way he's reignited his career since moving back to Brazil despite some tough times - among them one colossal blunder which cost him £500,000 - has been inspiring.

    But our regard for the man pales into insignificance next to that of artist 'Etoilec1', who has

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  • Brian McDermott (Leeds Rhinos) and Brian McDermott (Leeds United)

    It will not take long for Leeds fans to be singing: "Two Brian McDermotts, there are only two Brian McDermotts".

    The reason being, that the head coach of Super League side Leeds Rhinos is Brian McDermott, and the head coach of Leeds United football club is also - yep, you guessed it - Brian McDermott.

    Both are former players in their respective sports, and are now in charge of the two big teams in Leeds.

    The Rhinos' McDermott has been in charge since 2011, winning 59 per cent of his 27 games for the club.

    United's McDermott, meanwhile, was appointed to the top job on Friday afternoon

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  • Miniature football figurine collector gets ‘dream job’

    Ever thought about becoming a full-time professional miniature model creator? Well one man has turned his hobby into a full-time job.

    It’s taken him 18 years and a staggering 5,000 miniature models to build Britain’s biggest football Corinthian figure set, but now super collector Craig Robinson has finally landed his dream job.

    After a nationwide search, Capital One has appointed the ultimate collector Robinson, 27 from Scunthorpe, to the position of ‘head of quality control’ for their own limited edition football figurine range.

    The popular Corinthian football figurines shot to fame in the

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  • Wrestler wins title with ‘Flying Squirrel’ move

    In the biggest wrestling match of his life, Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer secured a glorious win in spectacular fashion.

    The fantastic flip turn you see above is known as the 'Flying Squirrel' and even more incredibly, it came in the most dramatic circumstances possible.

    During the final 10 seconds of a national championship match, Rodriguez-Spencer needed to sensational move to win the US national title.

    As reported by the Buffalo News, Rodriguez-Spencer was in the third period of a junior 138-pound class bout against a Maryland wrestler named Alfred Bannister and was trailing by a score of 4-3.

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  • Man sues stadium over crazy golf kart accident

    In December 2011 we brought the story (complete with astonishing video above) of a runaway golf cart wreaking havoc at a high school American football game at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

    Dekaney High School football coach Alfred "Willie" Amendola had just coached his Wildcats in the 5A Division I state championship and was standing at midfield, conducting interviews, when a wayward golf cart bowled him over.

    Amendola was knocked into the cart, and rolled it off the field after trying to control it. Apparently, the cart developed a mind of its own after workers who were removing pylons from

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  • BBC outbids Sky for rights to Rugby League World Cup

    After seeing most of their sporting portfolio disappear, the BBC have finally outbid Sky for a big event.

    Organisers of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup have announced a four-year broadcast deal with the BBC and Premier Sports.

    The BBC will show all England games live, starting with the opening ceremony at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on October 26 and the clash with Australia, as well as a quarter-final, a semi-final and the Old Trafford final on November 30.

    Coverage of the Four Nations Series in 2014 and 2016 and the next World Cup in 2017, due to be held in the southern hemisphere, are to

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  • Footballer stunned as scuffed shot goes in

    In a turn of events that will give any player who takes a horrible shot a bit of hope, a striker for Brazilian third-division club Crac learned that you should never turn your back on a ball in mid-air.

    With his side already up 2-0 in a Copa do Brasil match against first-division side Nautico, Danilo lost his balance and flubbed a shot into the night sky. Angry about his miscue, immediately turned and jogged back up the pitch under the assumption that the ball would go into the stands.

    Instead, it came down at a steep angle and snuck between the goalkeeper's outstretched hand the crossbar to

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  • Hottest sporting event ever to be staged in Arizona

    If any further proof was needed that runners possess an endearing streak of quirky madness, the Scottsdale Beat The Heat race this summer may just provide it.

    Billed as the hottest sporting event on the planet, the inaugural race is being deliberately staged at the warmest time of year and during the most oppressive part of the day, all to maximize the discomfort and enhance the challenge of those either courageous or deranged enough to sign up.

    Temperatures in the fashionable Arizona city are expected to tip the thermometer at upwards of 110 Fahrenheit (43 Celsius) on June 22, with

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