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Badminton brawl leaves Olympian needing stitches

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Two Thai players who competed together in badminton doubles at London 2012 had a full-blown dust-up on court in Vancouver on Sunday.

Bodin Issara and Maneepong Jongjit fell out earlier this year and stopped playing together – and the feud erupted into an all-out scrap when they met with new partners in the final of the Canada Open.

The amazing video above shows Issara chasing Jongjit on to another adjacent court and decking him with punches before launching a kick at the prone player.

He is then dragged away, minus his shirt, leaving Jongjit needing two stitches to his ear.

Both teams were thrown out of the tournament for their bad-behaviour...

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Issara Bodin (right) and Jongjit Maneepong in happier times

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