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‘Gorilla man’ picks fight with water bottle…and loses

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File this one under things he'll never live down.

During Saturday afternoon's New York Mets game at Citi Field, a ridiculously ripped fan fought the battle of his life against bottle of a water. And lost. Convincingly.

It was a painful struggle to watch, though mainly because we've all been there and had to surrender ourselves at one time or another. Just never on television — thankfully. But I really do feel his pain, because sometimes I'm convinced the bottles and caps are designed to embarrass us. In this case, it also appears the bottle is already slick, which make it impossible to grip. Then he tries wiping it on his clothing, but to no avail because his fingers are likely sore and weakened from his original attempt.

That's a bad start. Then frustration and embarrassment settles in, which never helps in these situations. It's almost like the opposite of an adrenaline rush, because the harder you try, the less you accomplish. It's a no-win situation, especially once you've commited at this level, and this guy certainly didn't win.

Honestly, my best advice is at the first sign of trouble simply set the bottle down and wait a minute before subtly making another attempt. If that one doesn't work, then casually offer the bottle to someone else and watch them struggle. And if all else fails, have a pair of pliers handy.

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