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‘Bird man’ smashes legs in Table Mountain leap

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Daredevil basejumper Jeb Corliss has become famous around the world over the last few years thanks to his series of online videos showing off his death-defying aerial stunts.

His quest for ever more outrageous base jumping and extreme flying stunts has led him to jump off the Eiffel Tower, glide through a Swiss waterfall and whizz through a hole in a Chinese mountain.

So few eyebrows were raised when, for his latest trick, the 35-year-old decided to jump off Table Mountain in Cape Town. Few eyebrows, that is, until his stunt went horribly wrong:

The American was just a minute or so into his flight when he misjudged his trajectory over one of the many ridges on the South African landmark. He smashed both his legs as he clobbered into the mountainside, but managed to save his life by quickly deploying his emergency parachute to slow his descent onto the rocky terrain below.

Corliss is still in hospital, but it hoping to be released later this week: "Mr Corliss needed extensive surgery on his legs and also needed skin grafts to repair the damage," said a hospital spokeswoman.

"He suffered serious and injuries and remains in the hospital, although he has been making good progress in recovery. One of the reasons he is still with us is that we needed to check how the wounds would heal from the skin grafts, but we hope to be able to discharge him on Friday. After that he plans to return home immediately to America to be with his family."

Still, at least he's got his laptop to entertain him in hospital, as he has now posted this latest video to share his excruciating moment with the world.

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