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Bulgaria international loses five teeth in horror tackle

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Vaslui and Bulgaria defender Zhivko Milanov required some emergency dentistry after getting kicked in the mouth by Cluj Cadu during a Romanian league match on Monday.

Milanov bent down to try and head away a ball in the centre circle shortly before half-time. As he did so, however, Cadu lunged with a high boot trying to get there first - clumsily smashing Milanov in the face.

According to Reuters, Milanov had two teeth knocked out by the kick and then three more removed at the hospital after he was stretchered off.

Cadu, needless to say, was shown a red card and hopefully spent the rest of the day purchasing a set of dentures for Milanov.

Vaslui coach Viorel Hizo was disgusted, claiming that Cadu has form with such violent conduct.

"It's a crime," he said. "It's not the first time Cadu has committed such a foul and I'm curious what his punishment will be."

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Eurosport / Reuters / Brooks Peck, Yahoo!

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