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Cheeky penalty trick foiled by quick-witted keeper

World of Sport

From the time that Czechoslovakian footballer Antonin Panenka chipped a penalty past the goalkeeper at the 1976 European Championships, footballers have tried to find any edge they can when shooting from the spot.

But while it's fantastic to try a cheeky trick when everything goes right - as Panenka, Andrea Pirlo or Johann Cruyff will testify - there's nothing quite so humiliating for a player as trying a trick that blows up in the perpetrator's faces.

And that's exactly what happened to St Gallen's Oscar Scarione and Pa Modou Jagne, who teamed up in a Swiss Super League match on Monday to try and pull the wool over the eyes of Grasshopper goalkeeper Roman Burki.

Scarione appeared to be taking the kick, putting the ball down and stepping back for a run-up.

But as he did so, team-mate Jagne burst through a group of defenders and tried to slot the ball into the bottom corner before Burki was ready.

But not only was Burki ready, he spotted the trick a mile off - even if the trick caught TV producers napping - and pulled off a superb save to take the ball cleanly. The save proved critical: Grasshoppers went on to win the match 1-0.

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