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Crazy pile-up as bike riders fall into dirt trap

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Ever play one of those motorsport computer games where no matter what you do you cannot keep the car or the bike on the track?

Well it seems like half the field were being controlled by inexperienced gamers at the recent Red Bull Hare Scramble in Austria where a questionable bit of course design led to absolute chaos.

As you can see from the video above, a front runner ended up falling into a ditch at a tight part of the track and he was soon joined by some friends….and then some more friends... and then by plenty of more friends.

Soon there were over a dozen bikes all in the ditch struggling for space to free themselves and hopefully re-join the race.

The race was part of the 'Erzberg Rodeo' – a four-day series of endurance events in the Alps.

The Red Bull Hare Scramble sees 500 riders race a 35km route that usually takes the winner around two-and-a-half hours and only a fraction of the field tend to finish the race.

This year's race was won by Britain's Graham Jarvis.

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