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Electric Lionel Messi as you’ve never seen him before

World of Sport

We are all used to seeing Lionel Messi waltz around the football pitch with the ball glued to his toe like a 1980s football computer game.

Pundits and men in pubs the world over have salivated over his touch and technique – then spent the night dreaming they were as good as the Argentine.

So what could sponsor Adidas do to introduce us to a fresh angle on his game?

“Exploring the moves that make him the best in the world in intricate detail through the use of light,” reads the press release.

“The film captures and analyzes Leo's movement, to reveal the secret of his movement on the pitch.

“To do this, Leo wore a custom-made LED suit and hood, with hundreds of individual LED's sewn by hand in to adidas TechFit gear.

“He was then filmed at 1000 frames per second using a Phantom camera and the resulting footage treated using a specially developed visual effects technique - creating a beautiful echo effect and a concert visual aesthetic set to a fitting electro/dance track by Congorock.”

So there you go. Enjoy.

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