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Fan humiliated as proposal rejected on big screen

World of Sport

A basketball fan who proposed to his girlfriend just a few days before Christmas was dealt an excruciating blow as his intended rejected him in front of thousands of fans on the big screen.

The proposal took place on the 'jumbotron' during a UCLA college basketball fixture, with the build-up to the big moment coming as fans across the stadium were encouraged to smooch on the cutely-named 'Mistletoe Cam'.

But instead of going in for a snog, the fan went down on one knee - only to bring the atmosphere of romance crashing to a halt as his girlfriend shook her head and fled the stadium.

Bad enough for a proposal to be rejected, let alone in front of a crowd, or on a big screen for that matter... but now the poor bloke's moment of humiliation has also gone viral across the internet. Let's hope 2012 starts out better for him than 2011 finished.

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