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Fan tries to catch ball and…. fails. Ouch.

World of Sport

A hapless fan became the unlikely star of the show at the Mexican top flight match between Morelia and Pumas at the weekend.

His moment of fame came as he tried to catch a ball hoiked inadvertently into the crowd with just under a quarter an hour of the match left.

As the ball flew towards him everything looked good, but moments later disaster struck. Maybe it was the excitement of having seen Pumas score the opening goal a few minutes later, perhaps it was a shot of tequila that still had a bit of worm in it, but either way the fan ended up overbalancing and producing a stunning faceplant into the seats in front.

Not only did fans start laughing at his misfortune, but the players couldn't help chuckling too. At least the anonymous man can console himself that his moment of pain has become a moment of guilty hilarity for thousands around the world.

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