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Football fan kidnapped girlfriend to pay for trip to watch match

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A football fan was so desperate to watch football that he kidnapped his girlfriend and demanded £170,000 ransom from her father, according to reports in India.

Abhisek Deep Anand, an unemployed journalism graduate, met the girl - who has not been named - at a college festival in Delhi late last year.

But on August 15 the relationship turned sour as he took her to a restaurant where he took her mobile phone and called her father to make the ransom demand.

He is then reported to have taken her from the restaurant to the Paharganj Hotel and locked her in a room.

The plan quickly came crashing down: the girl's father - who earned a fortune while working in the USA before returning to India two years ago - immediately called police despite Anand's threats of what would happen if the authorities were contacted, and she was rescued within 16 hours.

"The caller threatened to kill her if he didn't pay up or if he went to the police," said local police chief Sindhu Pillai.

"They left for Paharganj and it was on the way that Anand revealed his plan to her, threatening to kill her family members if she raised an alarm."

Anand was arrested and admitted his plan, explaining to police that he was desperate to raise money to fly to England and buy tickets to one of the opening matches of the Premier League season.

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