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Fox anchor hits toddler in face with ball

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Toddler Titus Ashby, who became an internet sensation for his amazing basketball skills, had a rough morning as a Fox news anchor accidentally made him cry on TV.

Titus, who is just two, was invited to show his repertoire of shots live on Fox News. He had risen to prominence after a series of Youtube videos showed an uncanny ability to shoot hoops.

The tiny toddler, who was accompanied by his proud dad, was wowing viewers with his baby three-pointers when TV host Brian Kilmeade tried to help by returning the ball.

Unfortunately, he released the pass with a bit too much power, the ball hitting young Titus in the face and causing him to burst into tears.

Titus is fine – and his dad seemed to see the funny side – but unsurprisingly Kilmeade has been getting all manner of abuse on Twitter.

While it is unlikely he will be reprimanded for the gaffe, a voice off-camera was heard quipping "you’re fired".

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