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Goalkeeper mocks striker after cheeky penalty fail

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You can't help feeling a bit sorry for Fabricio Ceara. The striker lined up for Brazilian second-tier outfit Salgueiro at the weekend and did his level best to keep his side in it, but he ended up looking stupid for his troubles.

Opponents Vitoria were already 4-1 up late in the second half of the match when Ceara (who had scored his team's early goal) won a penalty that he needed to bury to try and spark a desperate fight back.

With tired legs he decided not to go for the corner, but instead try a 'Panenka'-style penalty - in other words, a cheeky chip down the centre.

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Vitoria's goalkeeper, Deola, was more than a match for Ceara, however: he read his opponent's body language perfectly, stayed put, and caught the ball as easily as if it had been tossed to him during a pre-match warm-up.

Deola then decided to add a flourish to really rub the salt in: he dove to the ground with the ball in his arms as if he'd pulled off a stop to rival Gordon Banks's famous effort at the 1970 World Cup, and was greeted warmly by team-mates who joined in the laughter at Ceara's expense.

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