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Judge turns down Tevez’s £55,000 Porsche offer

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It has emerged Carlos Tevez told a judge this week he was willing to give up his £55,000 Porsche as compensation for driving offences – only to be turned down in court.

Tevez made headlines when he departed for Italy to sign for Juventus having carried out only 28 hours of the 250 hours of community service he was ordered to undertake after admitting driving while disqualified and without insurance in April.

A transfer to Serie A meant Tevez’s original sentence was unworkable so he was re-sentenced by Macclesfield magistrates in his absence.

Tevez’s lawyer, Gwyn Lewis, told the court that the former Premier League star, who was reported to be earning as much as £200,000 a week during his time at City, was willing to give up the car he was driving when caught by police in order to compensate the public.

Mr Lewis told the court, as reported by the Manchester Evening News: “The car that was used in the offence is in the UK and can be surrendered and sold to benefit the public purse. I am instructed to offer that. It is valued at £55,000.”

However, district judge Bridget Knight said Tevez’s offer was “overly punitive” and instead ordered the Argentina international to pay £3,000 to settle the matter, even though Tevez admitted breaching his court order by neglecting to provide evidence of his move to Italy to the court.

Judge Knight said: “This is not a case of a footballer thumbing his nose at the court order.”

Tevez is now free to start his career with Juventus after putting a turbulent spell behind him in England.

He said in a statement: “I would like to thank the court for its understanding. I appreciate their help and assistance in this case.”

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