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Leeds ban great-granny superfan

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A great-grandmother has been banned from seeing her beloved Leeds United for 12 months for running on to the pitch after their final game of last season.

Margaret 'Mags' Musgrove, who has 13 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, went onto the Elland Road pitch with her arms outstretched to try and greet the players after their match against Burnley in May.

However, the season ticket holder was quickly stopped by security and moved to the club's holding cells. She was then arrested by police and though she was later released without charge, the club gave her an automatic 12 month ban for encroaching on the pitch.

"It's not like I am a hooligan. People who do much worse than this get the same ban," the distraught 63-year-old told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

"A suspension from a few games would have hurt, but I already feel like I have been punished enough.

"I just wanted to shout, 'Lads, I love you'. I had my Leeds United bag across my chest and a United flag tied around my waist. It was hardly threatening.

"I've followed Leeds for years - I just got carried away. I don't go out, Leeds United is my social life."

Musgrove has already written a number of letters to Leeds asking for the ban to be lifted and claims she is owed hundreds of pounds after paying instalments towards the 2011/12 senior citizens' season ticket which costs from £363.

Leeds however are refusing to budge on the issue.

"It is a requirement of attendance at Leeds United home and away fixtures that supporters do not behave in any way contrary to the rules and regulations of the Football Association, Leeds United Football Club or the equivalent policies and rules at other Association Football Clubs, " the club's safety officer wrote in a letter to Musgorve.

"We have reason to believe that you may have acted in breach of these requirements.

"Accordingly you are suspended from all fixtures and your right to purchase tickets to attend away fixtures is also suspended."

The club also have a policy whereby supporters who are suspended due to a breach of club rules are not offered any refunds for tickets purchased.

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