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Two crazy gaffes in one snooker match at the Crucible

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They say that the World Championship at the Crucible is the ultimate 'marathon of the mind', and officials and players alike struggled to keep their heads in a gaffe-strewn match on Thursday.

Even referee Michaela Tabb lost her composure after she picked up the white cue ball, mistaking it for the black, and proceeded to place it on the pink spot - much to the amusement of some of the crowd.

Tabb, who also inexplicably decided to leave the blue off the table at the start of a frame during the match, hastily worked out with the help of TV commentators and the players where to put the cue ball back on the table.

Poor Michaela. Still, everything was worked out eventually and the match proceeded, but not without further farce as Michael White ended the session leading 7-1 against Dechawat Poomjaeng.

Poomjaeng - who is earning a bit of a reputation as a joker thanks to his crazy antics at the Crucible, somehow managed to lose the fourth frame after missing the pack of reds three times using the spider.

There was some confusion among the crowd at the Crucible, but the rules state that a player loses the frame if he fails to hit an object ball when he can clearly see it.

Poomjaeng has certainly made a splash in his first World Championship appearance, with Stephen Maguire saying he could not bear to watch the world number 70's antics during their first round encounter in Sheffield.

The colourful Thai player, who is rapidly becoming a crowd favourite in Sheffield, spilt a bottle of water mid-frame, applauded his own shots and willed Maguire's to go awry on his way to posting a shock win over world number five Maguire.

The offbeat display prompted Maguire to question his opponent's sanity.

The Scot, whose concentration was clearly affected, said: "I was afraid to look at him in the end. Crazy things were happening out there.

"I just had to switch off. I don't think he's the full shilling. I've never seen him before but there's definitely something missing."

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